View Full Version : 'Base Contact' items in the second row

26-01-2013, 13:50
Just a quickie: if you have a magic item which affects via base contact (exact wording: 'Any enemy unit in base contact with the model.. blah blah blah'). Now, if I put the character with this item in the second row of a unit am I right in thinking that the item will have no effect?

26-01-2013, 13:56
Yes. Models in the second rank may direct their supporting attack against the same models that the model in front of them may attack, but they do not count as being in contact with the enemy. This also affects things like Fear (the model must be in contact with one or more enemy models to cause their units to test), Impact Hits and Stomp attacks.


26-01-2013, 14:00
Cool, cheers! That's what I thought but someone had mentioned that when the character is in a unit then contact with that unit counts. However he was crushing me at the time so I guess he was just being generous. :)

26-01-2013, 17:12
Well in some cases the description may read:

"Any unit in base contact with the character or unit he is with..". Examples include Sword of Ani-Heroes and Helm of Discord.