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27-01-2013, 05:21
Hi all.

New to skaven and this edition. My clubs playing a campaign where we start at 1250 and expand by 250pts per month over six months.

I know my starting 1250 point list isn't optimal, i can see from reading other threads i should have more slaves or clan rats but this is what i own right now. After advice about what to do with the last 15 points and what to expand into so its ubber by 2250. Thematically i prefer clan skrye models but after advice on how to make it work more than pure fluff. My thoughts gut feeling is beyond more slaves, are that I guess once points go up the plague priest becomes a grey seer. then i work towards a seer on a bell.

Also wondering should i break the clan rats in two to field my poisoned wind mortar team?

Plague priest lvl 2

warp engi w/doomrocket

chieftan bsb

40 clan rats, shields spears full command, Warp Thrower team
40 slaves musician
6 Giant rats packmaster

10 Gutterunners slings/poison
20 plague monks full command.

Warp lightning cannon (dont have model yet but its on order will field the rat ogres if it hasnt arrived for next saturday...)

= 1145

Models owned but not used, 4 rat ogres, 2 packmasters, 1 poisoned wind mortar team.

27-01-2013, 16:18
Have a focus on what you want your list to look like at the 2.5k point and build with that in mind.

Have a primary focus of what you want your list to do. Shooting, magic, combat.

Have a real good look at battle reports of Orgegaming. He's amazing at using and dealing with chaff and other control units. This is important, because Skaven function well with a lot chaff units giving you control over the table top.

You don't have to stick to 'rat' rat slaves. You could have orc, human, elf, orge slaves in units. What this means is you can buy dirt cheap slave units out of second hand models, also don't be afraid to use unit fillers. For example you could use the rat orges, masters and mortar team to fill slave units.

27-01-2013, 21:48
cheers for comments bro. nice call on slaves have a heap of bretonian men at arms, bloodbowl teams, orcs and chaos marauders about 2 be re-purposed to the warpstone pits ...

28-01-2013, 18:51
NPs ... also the AB model is such a peice of poos, you could easily make something better.

You should have 2 x AB when you hit 2k ... people will hate you. :)

29-01-2013, 05:32
All that matters is a hellpit, maybe 2 :)

29-01-2013, 16:22
Honestly, thats what it feels like some times. All your doing is dodging slaves and worrying about ABS. :)

01-02-2013, 20:12
Hows the army looking?

03-02-2013, 12:40
Sorry for the delayed response, played two matches slightly regiged the above to give me a potion of strength, plague censer, rival hide and poison attacks on the plague priest and i used a plague claw instead of wlc and added a plague mortar.

I end up playing 2 of the more experienced players at the club, first match vs slann consisting of 20 temple guard, a big block of sarus warriors and 2 salamaders skink teams. My opponent probably went easy on me but my gutter runners cleared the weapons teams. I used my greater number of drops to set up well away from the sarus warriors and everything focused the temple guard. Slaves got a first round charge in and everything shot into combat, 2nd turn the plague monks got in and damage was impressive 16/20 temple guard dead, although 4 were from early shooting. However i failed leadership to march my rat dart in front of the on coming sarus warriors faces to redirect them away from the monks. So the monks coped it in the flank and folded after 2 turns of combat, they broken and that was pretty much gg. I was reasonably happy though, plague/ plague claw/mortar fire had thinned the sarus warriors down a lot before they charged but mistakes were made, my doomwheel was deployed far to far away to do anything all game and i killed my own bsb with the plague priests plague censor...

Beyond being outgunned magically overall very happy with plague priest/monkeys.

2nd game was vs skaven. ABs, grey seer lots of slaves and 4 rat ogres. lost before i even had a turn, 15 monks killed by the dreaded thirteen.

In response my doomwheel pilot was like dont worry i've got this guys and after some shuffling was about to zap the ogres, he then misfired rolled out of control and then crashed into impassable terrain destroying himself. Things did not improve.

Anyway looks like the local game will require a lvl4 mage so yeah spent today converting my gray seer - nikodemaus from an empire mage, clan rats face/feet, horns off the monk standard and some greenstuff. Still needs the details.



06-02-2013, 21:05
Good stuff. Any more games coming up?

06-02-2013, 21:06
How much shooting do you have?