View Full Version : 40k Players in Shanghai China?

28-01-2013, 10:07

I just moved to Shanghai and was wondering if there was any LGS that English speakers frequent. I know there's a GW store and know where it is, but I don't know if I want to bring my army if there isn't a community of gamers who knows how to speak English.


28-01-2013, 15:40
I am moving there in about a week, but I won't be bringing my army. The guys at the GW shop in Xiantiendi speak English really well though (at least they did the last time I was there), and there's an indie shop close to the Fudan campus that's supposed to be good.

29-01-2013, 01:43
I live in Suzhou but often goes to Shanghai for the weekend. Lots of English speakers at the Xintiandi GW shop, especially Friday/Saturday. I haven't gamed there yet though. I just got my Dark Angels sent to me by my brother. He forgot to put a fragile sticker on the box so lots of models are undergoing repairs -_-

Got a name/address for the indie shop at Fudan?

I'm looking for cheap sources of modelling supplies - stuff for sprucing up bases etc. Don't really want to pay GW prices. There's a model train shop near People's Square that's supposed to be really good but I haven't checked it out yet. Taobao seems the best bet so far.