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La'mour Le Breton
28-01-2013, 12:34
Hey, I've had a small force of bretonnians from way back when they had the mounted yeomen and metal squire archers. Its been sitting around and since I sold off my ultramarines army, and i've been kinda broke (which is why I sold my army)

so I started working on this small army I have and I figured I have about 750 points worth, I'd like some tips and comments as to how to make this small force battle worthy, and I'm not really sure what to do as far as my lord, I know I need the BSB, so thats like 80 points, but what should I so as far as a lord? and should I include a sorceress?
again these are the models I have and I really don't have enough cash for any new units, I may get another mounted yeomen to get the unit up to 6, or a sorceress, but thats it.
I wanted to stick the lord with the errantry knights and the bsb with the kotr, the tactic I would use is to get the lord and errantry knights into combat as soon as possible with the errantry banner and maybe make the lord a challenge monster as I'm gonna be outnumbered and screwed as far as combat resolution goes, as far as the kotr, maybe stick the bsb with a twilight banner and rampage them through ranged units/war machines,

750 point bretonnia army list.

Lord ~138pts
BSB ~80pts
(im not sure how to equip these two, help!)

KotR x 5 120pts

Knights Errant x 5 141pts
Musician, SB, Errantry banner

Bowmen x 10 80pts
Skirmish, Musician, SB

Bowmen x 10 80pts
Light Armour, Musician, SB

Mounted Yeomen x 5 111pts
Shields, SB, Musician, Warden

King Arthur
28-01-2013, 17:37
a Lord in 750pts? not going to end well try out a Bsb I usually arm him with dawn stone charmed shield barded warhorse and sword of might works very well and cheap: more like this?
Paladin Bsb- barded warhorse, charmed shield and dawnstone-104pts

Damsel-warhorse-80pts (beasts Wyysans wildform)

Core:-you may need a bigger knight unit to smash aside bigger units and command and magic banner isn't worth it on a small unit of KE, also no point having a standard bearer and musician or light armour or skirmish not worth it on small units if you give them anything give them braziers. A trebuchet instead?
something like:
11 KotR full command-288pts
8 KE full command-181pts

Special:-a yeoman warden unit may be helpful but keep them bear all they need to do is to kill war machines take fire for your knight and sometimes support the knight in a flank charge.

Rare: try and take a trebuchet very point efficient but not much point of a yeoman warden


La'mour Le Breton
30-01-2013, 09:34
The BSB cannot be the armies general if im not mistaken, but your saying I should have the damsel as my general?
and again, I only have the models i've listed, and I can't afford to get more than lets say ONE unit at most, this is a stretch, lets say one or two models, which in this case would be the damsel and a few kotr/ke, maybe I should just pony up for the box set.

anyways, lets assume that this isn't an option,I have to work with the models I have atm

Should I just do some point cutting and make this a 500 point force with the amount of models I have? (where I play almost no one has fantasy armies and if I'm gonna find a game its probably going to be really small, or really huge, so im fine with a 500 point army
Thanks for the input, Its been a while since I've played any warhammer, let alone fantasy, so I need all the help I can get.