View Full Version : 2400 skaven double furnace list for a tournament, I'm very unsure about it!

29-01-2013, 09:28
This list is an attempt to make a combat oriented list that still is a little bit different and looks cool. I don't want it to be too cheezy, but still competetive. It's a tournament, so I don't want to end up last

The plan is to just go full tilt straight into the foe and slug it out. I hope I have som punch, but it is very unhordy compared to what I usually bring.

Anyways, here it goes:

lords 240 pts
grey seer, general

heroes 585 pts
plague priest with furnace, flail and ironcurse icon.
plague priest with furnace, flail
BSB with shield

Core 606 pts
40 slaves, shield, mus, champion
40 slaves, shield, mus, champion
20 clanrats, shield, musician, warpfire thrower
31 clanrats, shield, f.c.g, warpfire thrower (general and bsb in here)

Special 969 pts
25 plaguemonks, mus, stormbanner
25 plaguemonks, mus, banner
8 Rat ogres, masterbred, 1 handler, Skweel
6 censers

The plan is to roughly deploy like this:

censers, furnace, furnace, slaves, slaves, rat ogres
_____________________clanrats, clanrat_______

The censers have a small frontage, where the furnace will do most of the job in a fight. If I'm lucky I can slam two furnace into one unit.

The rat ogres will hopefully tear up whatever they hit, 4*2 formation and skweel will hopefully not be targeted as he is on the side.

Think it might work?

Never played with skweel or that many rat ogres before, hopefully it will be fun. This is also the first time they will allow special characters (not lords) in a tournament, so I thought I would try skweel and my rat ogres that's just collecing dust.