View Full Version : Biltzkrieg nightgoblin style!

29-01-2013, 10:25
Sorry for reposting I had originally put this in the wrong section

for a laugh here's a gimicky 2000 point night goblin list - complete with montrous cav!

151 : 1 ng warboss on giant cave squig with armour of destiny + shield + spear
143 : 1 ng warboss on giant cave squig with amour of silvered steel + spear

190 : 1 ng great shaman level 4 with channelling staff

430 : 5 ng big bosses on giant cave squigs with shields + spears + light armour

65 : ng big boss bsb with flamming banner

255 : 50 ng archers with FC + 3 fanatics

300 : 50 ng + shields + spears + netters + 3 fanatics + FC

336 : 28 squig hoppers

130 : 2 mangler squigs

oh the fun to be had!

29-01-2013, 14:00
4 groups of 5 squig hoppers each with a big boss on g/csquig + 1 of 8 with bigboss g/csquig all as skirmishers with re-rollable 3d6 quick a ***** off a shovel !
2 warbosses+g/c/squigs as individuals - 2 manglers in front to soften up targets

plenty of speed and multiple targets (9) each avoiding standandshoot should give gunlines nightmares

flamming arrows and lots of stabby stabby to watch and applaud the carnage

29-01-2013, 19:47
I love the thought of this army. Great job. I wish I had half the models to make it. If you play this I would love to see a battle report.

29-01-2013, 19:50
I just worry about the bsb having no ward save

29-01-2013, 21:35
yeah its a fun list I made when i saw a comment about the lack of greenskin monster cav. I was a bit of a joke, but at a second look its a bit frightening .... just picture your oppents face as squig after squig is plonked on the table. It was also partly insired by the new FW models soooo awesome! But a bit intimidating if those models were used for all the big bosses and warbosses.

it would be a reaaaaaallllyyyy fast attack with loads of strength 5 attacks (and a few gobliny pokes).... probably not quite varied enough for all situations hey oh! just rock up and rock off!! things like the bsb bubble and general bubble will not really be on the goblins side.

I dont have all the models for this (not really supprising) but there's a bit of a yearn now to start acquiring :evilgrin: who knows!!!

Da GoBBo
29-01-2013, 21:44
:D Ah, the fun to be had with a list like this. I do have a concern which involves your main sources of damage. Squigs, big squigs, fanatics. Be really carefull about where you are going to deploy those fanatics because they will tear through your real damage units (the squigs) like a heated knife through butter.

Apart from that I don't see this working well at all, but it would be a mighty sight (and a mighty surprise if it does work).

31-01-2013, 21:06
Love the army mate. All Gobbo lists are so much fun to play with or against. Thumbs up for giving it a lash :yes: