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29-01-2013, 17:41
Im kinda burned out on 40k and horus heresy so looking for some opinions of these warhammer fantasy novels.

I have read alot of all the series so im just listing stuff i haven't read. I have a whole list of other books to read unrelated to warhammer but fancy a read of some fantasy.

I tend to prefer to read novels in series all together. The Fantasy novels ive enjoyed the most have been Witch hunter,Sigmar series, Blackhearts omnibus and most of all florin and Lorenzo.I dont enjoy the Gortrek and felix books but did enjoy the thanquol boneripper series.

So im wondering about the following:

The Ambassador
Ursun's Teeth
Death's Messenger

Death's City
Death's Legacy
Grudge Bearer

Nagash The Sorcerer

Nagash The Unbroken
Nagash Immortal *
The Corrupted

Dead Winter
Knight of the Blazing Sun (http://www.blacklibrary.com/Warhammer/knight-of-the-blazing-sun.html)

30-01-2013, 00:27
I'll try to be brief. I can sympathise with your enjoyment of Thanquol & Boneripper - mighty fine series. Knowing that, it's a good guide to what you'll want to hear!

Grudge Bearer, Oathbreaker, Honourkeeper
This trio, from Gav Thorpe & Nick Kyme, were pretty damn enjoyable for me. A bit more serious and less adventuring than the Gotrek & Felix novels, with a much more serious look at the dwarfs themselves. Personally, I enjoyed them a lot. They don't fuse things quite as well as CL Werner tends to, but they're enjoyable in a dwarf-y way. Oathbreaker was the most memorable and intriguing, for me.

Nagash the Sorcerer, The Unbroken, Immortal
First of all, I'll be honest: these books have significant flaws when it comes to jumping about time-wise. They also are significantly tougher going when it comes to having a nice, sprawling story. Also they don't keep too tight to the established Tomb Kings/Vampires lore - so if that's a serious concern, you might wish to avoid. Having got that out of the way: I thoroughly enjoyed these books. The middle sags a bit, but broadly speaking they're amongst the most wide-reaching and thorough fantasy books I've encountered in a while. The massive spread of characters, the plot, the politicking - it's all rather well done. That said, they're also reasonably dry (again, compared to Werner's writing).

Dead Winter
Not anywhere near as 'fun' as the T&BR books by Werner, this nevertheless sits right at the top of the pile in the Time of Legends novels. It's well realised, it's got a great spread of characters, it's tightly written and it's immensely captivating. Still, the trademark humour is a very much kept out of the book - it works well though, it gives a bleak and terrible story a hell of a bite. Very highly recommend, perhaps without any real reservation at all.

Knight of the Blazing Sun
As Josh's first book in the setting, it's a tad dry in places and a bit of an odd piece. Myself, I really enjoyed it. It touched on a lot of ideas, topics and venues that really intrigue me about the Warhammer world, and Josh dealt them very good service (e.g. the Knights of Manaan!), even if only in passing. On the down-side, it trails a bit and the lead character (Goetz, titular Knight of the Blazing Sun) is a bit easy to dislike. There's certainly flaws in the book but, by a fair margin, I thought the good definitely outweighed the bad.

The rest, I've not read. I'd make a recommendation, however, as you didn't mention them. (Ignore, if you've read 'em, obviously.) Swords of the Emperor and Wulfrik from the Warhammer Heroes series - very much enjoyed these, myself.

30-01-2013, 06:07
Dead winter: loved it, immensely good read take me back to the days of grimm dark where things are so toned down for the little kiddies

Nagash series: I struggled through this series, which to me is the sign of a bad book, especially one that is about a fantasy universe i really enjoy. It took a lot of effort to stay focused as the time line jumps all over the place.

Grudgebearer series: Overall a solid series which opens up the dwarf holds in a nice way.

Ambassador series: Very different, not the normal WFB book but still really interesting and shows the political land scape of the Kislev and Empire

Ulrika series: Simply amazing, i love VC have been my army for almost 10 years now, so this series to me was really cool, sheds light on Lahmian vamps.

If you like CL werener's works i can say that the Brunner series is a great read very dark!

30-01-2013, 07:21
Definitely recommending Dead Winter.
Pretty damn grim opening novel to the Black Plague trilogy. Especially enjoyed the political/revolutionary aspects of the story, and the moral dilemmas. Satisfying from the prologue on, right til the very end. You'll probably be glad that the sequel is nearly around the corner at this point...

30-01-2013, 10:59
Thanks very much for replies think ill give dead winter,ulrika and the dwarf books a read. Has anyone read Forged by Chaos by C L Werner wasnt sure about it as its for warhammer online

30-01-2013, 17:54
Ambassador series: Very different, not the normal WFB book but still really interesting and shows the political land scape of the Kislev and Empire

Agree to this...It's almost a different Warhammer book' full of intrigue and drama and epic battles...I se it as a equivalent of the Eisenhorn Omnibus from 40k.

Sheena Easton
30-01-2013, 23:27
Nagash The Sorceror I feel is overall well written for the most part, though certain things just seem a bit off... the other two are similar but don't work as well. As a whole though the bits that ignore or blatantly contradict the fabulous 4th Ed story really ruin it. However if you aren't too fussed about that, they are worth looking at. Or at least the first and third ones are.

The Dwarf books are pretty good and capture the character of the race really well, and are enjoyable albeit slightly forgettable tales.

Dead Winter is head and shoulders above the rest. Amazing book, brilliantly written and actually captures the mood of the age and the characters it contains. A must read.

The Ambassador Series is interesting and overall a good read. Works better within the context of the fluff from the time IMO (which was the foreshadowing of SOC where most of the best WH BL stuff seems to revolve around).

Knights Of The Blazing Sun is abysmal - its so bad I wouldn't even want to use it as toilet paper...

Although I thought the idea was interesting, I was never fond of Ulrika in the G&F novels* and in her own series she comes across as even more of a stupid, spoilt, ungrateful, selfish slattern who is in need of a good slap (as does Felix in some of them, especially when he starts mooning over anything with breasts...) - the third "book" in the trilogy turns that up to Eleventy-One, making it utterly ridiculous, unbelievable and unreadable... though if you can ignore her petulant child act, the first two books aren't that bad as disposable fluff to read on the train or plane. The 2nd one was very nearly interesting too.

*until she reappears as a much more interesting creature than the pouty Action Girl luuurve interest and hypotenuse of the dullest luuurve triangle outside that tedious bbc soap

31-01-2013, 18:17
Thanks very much going to read the dwarfs omnibus first before moving onto dead winter.

31-01-2013, 19:59
The Ambassador and Ursun's Teeth- i tend to look at these as a pair, the 1st one is a good start to the series, the second disappointed me somewhat.

Death's Messenger - Just be aware that this is based on an RPG and you'll be ok.

Death's City and Death's Legacy - didn't get the chance to pick these up, so can't comment.

Grudge Bearer - I enjoyed this, it gave us some insight into Chaos Dwarfs as well.

Oathbreaker and Honourkeeper - i own both of these, but the beginning of Oathbreaker bored me so much, i never got any further than the beginning and as such didn't even bother reading Honourkeeper.

Reiksguard - Loved this, Richard Williams was vastly under-rated as a BL author, such a shame we haven't seen more output from him.

Bloodborn, Bloodforged and Bloodsworn - Haven't read the finale novel, enjoyed the 1st two, it's nice to see in the head of someone who doesn't want to be what they are but really have no choice.

Nagash The Sorcerer - a good start to the trilogy, just be aware of who's who or you'll get hopelessly lost.

Nagash The Unbroken - takes the story further afield and also takes a look at other key characters.

Nagash Immortal - it was ok, not the best of the 2 novels, i enjoyed the Skaven interaction immensely however.

The Corrupted - Read this on the way back from the hotel in Benidorm to the airport, it's a novel book, and not quite what you'd expect, it's a decent story though.

Dead Winter - Brilliant novel, excellent intro into the Plack Plague.

Knight of the Blazing Sun - haven't read it.