View Full Version : Does anyone make 20mm x 40mm bases?

30-01-2013, 06:53
The catch being I'd need "hollow" ones like GW's bases in order to affix magnets to the undersides.

Google turned up a few results, but they all seemed to be flat "2D" bases without any space for magnets.

30-01-2013, 07:21
Games Workshop made one at some point. I got it with the special edition model of the White Dwarf who had Gotrek and Joseph Bugman as his shield bearers. I'm not sure if that comes with the Dwarf Lord with Shield Bearers though, I bought mine before the special edition model and it did NOT come with one back then.

30-01-2013, 18:37
The limited edition Goblin Fanatic (start of 7th ed?) came with one.

Can you just glue two together with some greenstuff?

30-01-2013, 18:43
like pop said the limited ed fanatic came with a 20mm by 40mm but i dont know anywhere you could get them.

your best bet would be to glue and greenstuff two 20mm together.

30-01-2013, 18:46