View Full Version : Ad Mechanicus vehicle crew (fluff question)

30-01-2013, 11:01
EDIT: Just realised i've gone and posted this in the fantasy section instead of 40k. Sorry :/

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong section but after looking through it seemed the most fitting.

I have a question, which i have always kind of wondered. Im seeking the answer(s) now as im looking to hopefully incorporate this into my Dark Angels army. I havent collected in a good few years but decided to get back into it with the new dark vengeance and codex.

Anyway my question is regarding the "Adeptus Mechanicus" and their role within chapters. I've came across several GW pictures with tank or landspeeder crews sporting ad mech power armor and shoulder pads etc. Though they seem to differ from colour scheme's (i.e some are all red, some have chapter body with ad mech head colours and vice versa). I'd really like to incorporate some of these guys into my Ravenwing but don't want any of it to be "inaccurate".

As far as i can tell they "can" have some involvement (in certain chapters??) as the rhino im currently painting up came with ad mech armor, also the ravenwing upgrade sprue's have a few pieces too.

The main thing i'm looking at is having 1 attack bike gunner in ad mech colours (probably head and shoulder pads red, rest Ravenwing black) and possibly the same for flyer pilots or gunners.

Probably worded wrong, long winded question but any help or info would be great :)

P.S I've read alot of the info i could find on the web through wiki and other forum post's throughout the web...just cant seem to find a definitive answer.