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30-01-2013, 23:31
So I will be starting a campaign with four other friends in a few months, and I think I've put the finishing touches on the list. While I'm sure it's a bit controversial, input and feedback would be appreciated!

Lords -
Karl Franz - Deathclaw, Ghaz Maral
- 585 points

Ludwig Schwarzheim
2x Level 2 Battle Wizards (Life, Beasts)
- 385

Core -
60x Halberdiers (Standard, Sergeant)
Detachment - 30x Swordsmen
15x Knights of the Inner Circle (Standard)
- 975

Special -
2x Great Cannons
30x Greatswords (Standard)
- 580

Total - 2525 (We have a 25 point overage limit, so I decided to throw Ghaz Maral on Franz)

This is a fluffy, fun list, geared towards a friendly campaign with four other friends who are running the following armies: Beastmen, High Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos. I realize that running a monstrous mount like a Griffon would normally be a risk/points sink in tournament play, but this is a friendly setting, AND I will be facing almost no ranged fire.

With the Lord/Hero choices... My army's theme is all about being Karl Franz's personal honor guard. I don't see Franz riding into battle on anything less than Deathclaw, and the potential for five S6 attacks, plus Thunderstomp, plus four S4 attacks with D3 auto-wounds with no armour saves... I think it makes Franz a beast. He's fairly well protected, with a 3+ Armor save on DC, a 4+ ward that turns to a 2+ against magic.
Ludwig will probably be riding with the KotIC (As I don't figure Franz riding into battle without his personal champion around). While I knowthat Fantasy is one of the few places where 2+2 doesn't equal 4, I wanted to take a pair of Lvl 2's for magical support (both are running buff-lores).

Also, one special rule we've come up with for our campaign allows you to benefit from having named special characters. For every special character you have, you gain what we're calling a "Leadership buff"... For example, if you have one special character, once per game, you can elect to use your LD buff any turn you want... For the LD buff, you roll a D6 to choose which buff you get (Either WS, S, T, I, a +1 to your Armor saves, or a +5 ward.... ON EVERY SINGLE MODEL)... Once the turn is concluded, the buff ends. If you have two special characters, then you would get TWO LD buffs (But cannot be used in the same turn).

Finally, during the course of the campaign... If your named character dies, that's it. He's done. You are allowed to replace the points cost with anything you want, except for another named character. Makes a little more emphasis on keeping special characters alive.

Lord Solar Plexus
31-01-2013, 10:35
Well, fun and fluff (which is nice) aside I assume you are posting the list to get some feedback on how we think it will perform, so here we go:

You have few units and while that is often unavoidable, not all of them are big enough to be resilient, e.g. the Greatswords. You have no chaff, no diverters, to occupy something you do not want to engage (Bloodletters, White Lions...), and you do not have anything that can clear opposing chaff - no 360 degree charger, no Pistoliers, Helblaster, archers etc. You also have next to no buffs apart from two relatively weak mages. You will be at a disadvantage when it comes to magic even more so than usual against DoC/HE. Speaking of magic, the Life mage isn't guaranteed to get anything useful either. Okay, regen on 60 Halbs isn't bad at all but still.

31-01-2013, 15:56
For added fluff it might be nice to swap out the Inner Circle knights for Reiksguard.