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31-01-2013, 03:17
Lords (589pts)

Orc Warboss (208pts) (General, placed in the Big Un infantry block) Shield
Magic Items - Armour of Destiny & Ogre Blade
Orc Warboss (381pts) Shield, Spear, Wyvern
Magic Items - Armour of Gork

Heroes (290pts)

Night Goblin Big Boss (65pts) (placed in the x40 NG block for flaming arrow attacks)

Battle Standard Bearer BRB - Banner of Eternal Flame

Orc Shaman (125pts)Wizard Level 2 - Dispel Scroll
Orc Shaman (100pts) Wizard Level 2

Core (1076pts)

Night Goblins (145pts) Musician, 3x Night Goblin Fanatics
20x Night Goblins 20x Short Bows
Night Goblins (260pts) Musician, Netters, 3x Night Goblin Fanatics, Standard Bearer
40x Night Goblins 40x Short Bows
Orc Big 'Uns (371pts) Musician, Standard Bearer
39x Orc Boyz 39x Additional Hand Weapons
Orc Boyz (300pts) Musician, Standard Bearer
40x Orc Boyz 40x Additional Hand Weapons

Special (385pts)

2x Goblin Wolf Chariot (100pts)
2x Goblin Wolf Chariot (100pts)
Orc Boar Chariot (85pts)
Savage Orc Boar Boyz (100pts)

5x Additional Hand Weapons (10pts)

Rare (160pts)

Doom Diver Catapult (80pts)
Doom Diver Catapult (80pts)

31-01-2013, 11:22
I think you forgot to add the dispel scroll points on the first wizard.
Not too sure what the Orc Chariot will add, I find random Wolf Chariots to be MUCH better, due to being cheep like hell.
I'm also a BIIIGG fan of Mangler Squigs, have you looked into them already? :)

31-01-2013, 19:51
the orc chariot provides a T5 and can be used to hold up certain troops.
I used to run 2 orc chariots and 4-6 wolf chariots, I made some cuts for the savage orc boar boys and another unit of ng with fanats. I want to try out the savage boyz and hit something in the flank with them.
I found running 2 orc chariots and 4-6 wolf chariots, typically my orc chariots survive till the end of the battle fighting through multiple combats, while the wolf chariots provide their first impact hit, but I rarely get to use them twice.

I am not really interested in squigs in general. I was thinking maybe somewhere down the line I might get the forge world ng on squig and then get a unit of squig hoppers, but I already have around 5k OnG models, thats a project way down the line.