View Full Version : Aegis Defence Lines and Charging.

31-01-2013, 13:21
Hey all,

A question/discussion arose during a game a while ago.
When charging a unit that is directly behing an Aegis Defence Line, do you have to use the "Charging Through Difficult Terrain" Rule or not?
One argument is on page 104 of the Rulebook, stating: "For the purpose of charge moves, models that are both in base contact with a barricade and within 2" of each other are treated as being in base contact". Reading this, you only have to reach the Defence Line and not the models' bases behind it, you don't cross the wall so you don't need to roll 3d6 and pick the lowest?

What is your take on this? As it can affect the outcome of a game.


31-01-2013, 13:22
Wrong Board -.-