View Full Version : Noobie 2000 Point Ogre Army

20-05-2006, 22:02
Hey, (No this is no beasts army I dont know how to change that)

I am here to fill this out for my little brother Corbin. He had some trouble with picking an army and now he has found out that he likes Ogre Kingdoms the best. Which is cool he gets to use a fairly new army. But see the only real problem is I have no background on Ogres yet. I mean I have fought them but I cant help him out army planning wise. So I come to you Ogre Experts. He wants an army with basic standards for a 2000 point list. No special characters though. This is an idea of what he wants to use:





Iron Guts

Gnoblar Trappers



That is just something to work on. If someone has the time could you guys give him a fairly good idea what to use. He doesnt have the book yet so thats why its hard to help him. :( So someone can you help him.