View Full Version : Empire 1500 points

02-02-2013, 20:09
Hi all. Just got back into Fantasy and started building up my Empire army. I've since been reading a lot of the stuff in the Tactica thread and though I've just got loads to read, it seems I've made some bad choices lol. Here is my current list...

General, great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron (151)
Battle Wizard Lord, level 4 (200)

20 Halberdiers, full command (150)
10 Handgunners, marksman, repeater handgun (110)
6 Inner Circle Knights, champion, standard bearer, lances (170)
20 Swordsmen, full command (170)

14 Flagellants, prophet of doom (178)
Great Cannon (120)

Steam Tank (250)

What I've gathered so far is that I should drop my flagellants and take something more useful - like greatswords, or simply beef up my existing infanty. Most people seem to prepare archers over handgunners and there are a lot of mixed reactions about the steam tank - given I could equally take both the rare chariots, or some more war machines instead. I'm also no clear why the AL on a War Altar is so highly regarded - it would take up my whole heros/lords points allowance and leave me magically defenseless. Any thoughts welcome!