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northern rage
03-02-2013, 18:53
After playing a few games I've decided to start a fantasy army. The army I've chosen is tomb kings:skull: due to the cool models and interesting play style. Please see the list I've made and comment and criticize so i can improve.

40 skeleton warriors spears 200 pts
20 skeleton archers 120 pts
20 skeleton archers 120 pts
5 horse archers 70pts

30 tomb guard halberds full command 420 pts
warsphinx 240 pts
3 necropolis knights 195 pts

liche priest lv 2 105 pts
necrotect 60 pts
tomb prince blade of ankerhat shield 153 pts

casket of souls 135 pts
screaming skull catapult 90pts
screaming skull catapult 90pts

Total 1998 pts

05-02-2013, 05:35
Hi Northern

I really like your list. Any thoughts on playing style? Seems like infantry has a lot of the focus so you'll have to live with bogging people down after shooting them to weaken them.

I think most of the time the Prince and perhaps the Liche may need more protection. And the warriors probably need command models.

northern rage
05-02-2013, 12:57
Hi elmdor

The main focus of my army really is to use my big blocks of infantry to hold the line while my more killy units such as my knights and warsphinx make strong counter-charges. To maximize my chances of success I plan on using my archers catapults and casket to weaken big horde units before they get into combat.

Your right with my characters I need to make sure they can stay alive. My liche will be out of combat in a unit of archers so with good planning he should be alright. I need to keep my prince properly protected however as the tomb guard need him for the higher weapon skill, any suggestions?

05-02-2013, 19:42
I think the best you can do for prince on foot might be enchanted or charmed shield and talisman of preservation. Or armor of silver steel with dragonbane gem.

I like it. Many people dismiss tk infantry but I think a sizeable chunk of warriors and tomb guard together are solid. The archers can even charge in to add a flank or new ranks in support. Add a command to warriors and light armor too?

Good luck!