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04-02-2013, 00:27
Valkia - 405 (might switch her out for a Chaos Lord with MoK... she didn't perform too well and she hasn't changed much this edition)
Throgg - 195

7 Chaos Knights (Musician, Ensorcelled, MoK) - 325
7 Chaos Knights (Musician, Ensorcelled, MoK) - 325
Chaos Warshrine - MoK - 135

4 Skullcrushers - (Musician, Ensorcelled) - 322
Chaos Spawn - 50

12 Chaos Warriors - (Standard, Musician, Halberd, MoK) - 248
12 Chaos Warriors - (Standard, Musician, Halberd, MoK) - 248
12 Chaos Warriors - (Standard, Musician, Halberd, MoK) - 248

58 miniatures. 2501 points (no one cares if I am 1 over).

I really like Valkia's story - but her survivability is just awful - no ward, no collar of khorne, no nothing - with just 3 wounds and a 3+ save. Her weapon is just armor piercing so she isn't good against characters or units with high armor/T..

04-02-2013, 03:52
Valkia looks so awesome though. I would love to use her but as you said will die to most combat characters ( I'm looking a you vampires)
How come throgg and no trolls? Seems a little bit of a waste of his core trolls ability

04-02-2013, 04:31
I didn't have points for a chimerae with breath and regen - so why not take throgg? He has better stats, a better breath weapon, and he looks awesome. Only thing he lacks is flying ability - though if he rolled well on the EoG table he could turn into a daemon prince....

I was thinking of this for a Chaos Lord:

Lord: Jugg, MoK, Hellfire Sword, Collar, Shield

that's a ws8 st5 6at no armor saves with a 1+ save 4+ ward (MR 3) + the rolls for the jugg. Toss him in the unit of Skullcrushers and you have a great CC unit. And he gets rolls on the EoG table. Compare that with Valkia who just has a +2 str hand wep on the charge with armor pierce (all the time) - I like her -1 to hit and -1 attack, but against (as you mentioned vampires) she'd get hosed.

04-02-2013, 11:20
valkia has a 2+ armour btw. The daemon shield follows normal rules for a shield so u get the +1 not much but its something