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04-02-2013, 05:09
Doing some army swapping this week with our local WFB group. One guy will be using my beloved skaven while I use a friends warriors army. Hes got a decent size army but the flavor I wanted to go for was a barbarian horde so a good number of marauders with some warriors and kinghts as backup. So heres the list so far:

Chaos lord on warshrine
2x blocks of marauders, Mus, Std, champ (maybe a 3rd depending on the rest of the army)
1 squad of warriors, at least with a champion
5x chaos knights, with lances
10x warhounds (or 2 groups of 5 for hitting flanks)

The idea is to use the warshrine to beef the champs through EotG rolls, while ramaining at the center of the army. Have the knights and hounds take down warmachines, and the slaughterbeast vs heavy cavalry/mounted lords, etc

More concerned with the theme than competetivness, as its only a friendly game. Suggestions?

04-02-2013, 05:39
I think by your title that you're going for a 1000 point army list here...if I'm wrong, and you somehow literally mean a thousand warriors, disregard;)

I'm currently building a 1000 point WoC list myself, and I've gotta say...fitting everything I'd like into 1000 points is hard...so hard. And what I see here, your proposed list of things to include in the army, is looking like a bit too much for 1000 points. Marauders are more expensive these days, so 2 or 3 solid blocks of them doesn't come cheap. Also, in 1000 points, an even moderately sized unit of Chaos Warriors is likely going to cost you more than a quarter of your total points for a 1000 point list. So, when you look at the proposed unit of Warriors, added to, say, the Chaos Knights, you're looking at half the total army's points limit right away, just on those two units. See? It's tough!

So, I'm thinking that you may need to step back a bit and lower your expectations for masses of units and bodies, witchunter...points add up ridiculously quickly for we followers of the Dark Gods.

Other than that, I'm a pretty new player when it comes to the boys from the North, so that's about it. Good luck with the army!


04-02-2013, 17:51
Yeah I did mean 1000pts, not warriors lol Yeah Im still reading his new book so im sure my caluclations are way off. For the list, would I be better off taking out the warriors or the knights? Im also thinking of only taking one 5-dog unit of the warhound to save on cost.

04-02-2013, 18:02
you wont get a lord on a shrine into 1k, naked with shrine is already way over your lord limit.

and that's only the start of your points problem, the slaughter beast is 1/5 of your total points on its own, the knights will probably end up at minimum 1/4 so you can see your issues.

better get a spread sheet and do some maths :)

1k is going to be hard to do anything with now that everything is so expensive. your probably looking at 1 block of warriors, a group of knights an exalted/sorcerer some dogs and 1 other hammer. also never take lances on knights. ever.

finally marauders are ****, your paying an awful lot for basic guys who wont kill much and probably end up running, unless you mark them and making the problem even worse. use the points else where.