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04-02-2013, 14:37
Hi warseers,

Some of you may have read some of my previous project logs. As it has been a very long time since I last posted in any of my other logs, there is a chance that many of you will have no idea who I am. For those of you that don't know me, here is a list of the other logs I have produced:

Eagle Warriors space marines


Ava Nile Eldar


Cadian 264th Imperial Guard


I have done other work, but these are the main armies I have built. All three of these armies have one thing in common; They are all armies with pre-existing backgrounds and/or colour schemes. The marines have been a GW colour scheme since 2nd edition 40K and have recently started getting background written for them. The Eldar were a craftworld from the original Dawn of War, there was no background for them, but I liked the colour scheme and rolled with it. The cadians, I wanted to do a city fighting army when cities of death came out and guard were the army I went for. I really liked the colour scheme, but I never really bothered writing any background for them.

With my new army I'm going for something slightly different. I'm creating a DIY army with background of my own. At first, the models won't be much different to standard looking Cadians, as that is the look that I want this part of the army to have.


Right, well, given that I've never written any background for an army, this first draft will look slightly awkward, and perhaps a little cliché in places. I intend to flesh it out over time.

The original home world of this army, was one of the worlds cleansed by the inquisition to form a buffer against hive fleet Leviathan.

Upon hearing the news of this atrocity, half of the fleet 'disappeared' on transit to their next battle zone.

The half of the fleet that 'disappeared' searched for a new world to call home, this world would be mainly uninhabitable and have very little contact with the imperium. (I'll call this the scout fleet from now on.)

The half of the fleet that didn't 'disappear' fight on in a gaunts ghosts type manner, making themselves seem loyal to the imperium. (I'll call these 'the forlorn')

The forlorn are aware of the scouting fleet's existence, and are secretly in contact with them.

The scout fleet discover a penal world far on the outskirts of imperial space, known simply as 'justice'. This is a prison world with a difference; there are no fences and no guards. The planet is an ice world, the surface of which it impossible to live on. Like many ice worlds, the planet is rich in promethium.

The prisoners labour hard to gather the promethium for the imperium. Every 8 terran months, a tanker comes to collect the promethium, drop off supplies and new inmates. Without these supplies the prisoners would starve and without the new flow of prisoners, the rate at which the promethium is extracted would slow down. The safety conditions on the planet are very......relaxed, resulting in a high attrition rate amongst inmates.

As with any culture without a governing body, the hardiest of characters quickly fills the power vacuum, forming a ruling underclass. These ruling prisoners maintain order and ensure that promethium quotas are met, in the harshest of ways possible. The workers barely have enough to live, whilst the rulers, who are also inmates, live quite comfortably.

Upon discovering Justice, the scouting fleet quickly learned of the injustices occurring and killed the ruling gangs. Upon killing the gangs, the rest of the prisoners were issued an ultimatum, join us in our fight for freedom, or die.

By implementing safety procedures, healthcare and increasing the standard of living, the scouts were able to decrease the rate of accidents to almost zero, without the prisoners dying off, the improved standards of living and the steady influx of new inmates, the scouting fleet had created a recruiting platform to start their insurrection.

This is all I have for background at the moment. As this log progresses, I'll add to it and neaten it up.

Anyways, I'm sure you are hungry for pictures, I don't have much for you at the moment, just a built infantry squad with 3 of it's number painted, 2 of which are the heavy weapons team:


The photo isn't particularly high quality, but as it's just an introductory picture, I'm happy with it for now.

Right, I'm off, I've got to get my paintbrushes out.