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04-02-2013, 20:30
Soooo, I've a tournament coming up in a month, and since I've duffed my leg up I've alot of time to kill. So here's a list I'd like to try out. Be warned, it's not conventional by any means...


(General) Lord Sorceror (metal), Mark of Tz, Familiar, Disc, Talisman of 4+ save, Third eye - 360

He knows 4 spells, channels on a 5+ (rerolling 1s), can fly,3+ armour and has a 3+ ward (rerolling 1s). He flies around, hopefully causing mayhem with his metal spells or staying far away from danger in blood and glory.


Exalted, BSB, MOT, Daemonic mount, Halberd, Enchanted shield, Dawnstone, soul hunger (216)

This is a tricky one. 1+ save with rerolls and a 6+ ward. He's eventually going to lose wounds, so soul hunger may help him out later in the game. He's on a monstrous mount, but he'll still be almost impervious to cannons due to the blasted standard with the knights unit. I want to give him burning body to help him deal with regen creatures.




5 maruaders horsemen, instrument

5 hounds, van

5 hounds, van

Cores rammed with chaff, tempted to straight swap bot the hounds for marauders, but I do get extra drops for them.


8 knights, MOT, full command, Blasted standard ensorcelled weapons - 400points

(Block with my bsb in it, small, but not going to get any bigger due to it only being 1500 points)

Warshrine, MoT

3+ ward save, buffing my knight unit

Basic plan - sit back for a turn or two, trying to draw the enemy out, hopefully buffing my knights with the warshrines spell whilst hexing any blocks. Then Turn 2-3 pick a unit, smash it with a joint chariot and bus charge.

Yeah, that will never work, but thats the plan!


04-02-2013, 20:45
Fouled up the maths on the knight unit, its actually 416 points. Therfore Ive dropped the halb on the bsb and a puppy, combining two dog units into one of 9.

04-02-2013, 21:21
Hey i just got the book today and read through it. for the point level, i really like your character builds. i agree with the swaping the soul for burning. i think it will prove to be more useful in the long run. the only thing i would consider changing is trying to fit in a block troop somewhere...something to tarpit, maybe even a spawn or two...they are very useful now in my opinion. other then that, i like it.

04-02-2013, 23:46
Yeah loses it being an entire mounted army, I'm stuck between taking chariots and 30 mot marauders or just a block of 25 mot warriors

05-02-2013, 00:10
yea i hear ya

05-02-2013, 22:20
I have a Question, because this is tournament list what are you going to do against my 17 WoC MoT HW+S with killy exalted in watchtower?
I'm not mentioning everything around protecting flanks, maybe chimera, DP, gorebeast chariot etc., but just this 1 bunker anvil in the tower will go cap and hold it to the end of game.

05-02-2013, 22:33
He'll probably have to bank on his metal spells to help.

06-02-2013, 07:38
Yes, all those flaming metal spells which ignore armour and do double damage to units in a building and ignore regen ;)

Let your army come to me (I'll be well buffed), Frenzy bait the ld5 chimmy and then ....well...what can stand up to dp these days?

EDIT - turns out chimmy arnt frenzied! Oops!