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04-02-2013, 20:32
Greetings! This is my first army list with the new book out, so quite much everything can be modified or altered somehow. Warriors are anvil, Knights and Ogres are Hammers, DP and Chimera are mobile hammers also. I can't decide should I use lore of Slaanesh or Shadows, any thoughts about that? Ogres seem good on the paper, and I've had mostly positive feelings of them even before the new book came out. Chariots seem just quite splendid things cost-wise and dogs are always fun.

Every kind of feedback is welcome : )

Daemon Prince 550pts
Daemon of Slaanesh, Helm of Many Eyes, Soul Feeder , Flaming Breath, Scaled Skin, Chaos Familiar, 4th level, Chaos Armour, Daemonic Flight

Exalted Champion (BSB) 216pts
Talisman of Preservation, MoT, Halberd, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Burning Body

24 x Warriors =438pts
Shields, MoT, Full Command
3 x 5 Hounds =90pts

2 x Chariot of Slaanesh = 240pts

6 Chaos Ogres 300pts

5 Knights of slaanesh =230pts
enscrolled weapons, musician

Chimera = 275pts
Regen, Breath

Hellcannon 210pts

Spawn 50pts