View Full Version : 3k Warriors of Chaos

04-02-2013, 22:34
Any and all comments are welcome. First attempt at a competitive list. Only worry is small unit sizes and large points in characters (guess thats chaos though)

Lords: 505
505 Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle (death), LVL4, Chaos Familiar, Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder, Chaos Armor, Daemonic Flight, Charmed Shield
Heroes: 385
190 Festus Leechlord
195 Exalted Hero, BSB, Mark of Tzeentch, Enchanted Sheild, Talisman of Endurance, Sword of Striking
Core: 1117
378 19 Chaos Warriors, Tzeentch, Blasted Standard, Sheild, FC
282 14 Chaos Warriors, Nurgle, Hand Weapons
125 Chaos Chariot, Nurgle
40 5 warhounds, vanguard
40 5 warhounds, vanguard
252 12 forsaken, khorne
Special: 445
310 7 Chaos Ogres, Mark of Nurgle, Hand Weapons, FC
135 Chaos Warshrine, Mark of Tzeentch
Rare: 548
338 4 Skullcrushers of Khorne, Lances, FC
210 Hellcannon
Total: 2990

Festus with the warriors, BSB with the other warriors, DP in with the ogres for initial protection. I like lore of death for the DP.