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05-02-2013, 16:33
This thread has no real theme, other than that I hope 2013 is the year I actually paint more than I buy. With that in mind I hope that updating this will keep me motivated to paint, currently zero models have been completed in 2013, but I have got a few WIP - which I have posted below. Hopefully the completed versions will not be too far off. Despite my username suggesting it there will be no Tau (for now) as they're in extended retirement (aka the loft) until I can face tackling it, plus they were my first army and I've found I enjoy playing others more; the 'we don't have enough ammunition Sir' horde of Nids, and the 'I'm so fast, in your face chop you in two before you know it because of my silly amounts of initiative Dark Eldar, the obligatory marines (that aren't blue!) and somewhere there's an Empire force.
So, on with what I'm working on currently:
Space Marines of the Raptors Chapter, this is my assault squad, I have just finished basing 4 and they are awaiting priming (we have snow and freezing temperatures atm - not friendly for spray paint and I can't spray indoors). They will be primed as soon as I get a decent weather window in which to do it. The 5th is actually a test model of sorts, and I need to get on and finish him - may alter the base as it is just sand and chopped sprue which looks 'meh' compared to the ones I've used the 40k basing kit on, final decision to be made when all 5 are done.
163529 163530 163531 163532 163533 163534163535 163536
And now, a random antenna thingy that came with some devastators and my FW Captain who needs pinning to the base which I'll try and do during this window of rubbish weather.
163537 163538

That's the limit for this post apparently, I'll post more in the next.

05-02-2013, 16:51
That's it for the marines currently, have got some tacticals and devastators on the way and some plasma guys so will see how I get on with OSL.
In other news ... Nids, these are based and primed so will be my main focus until the weather clears for priming. Some warriors, gaunts of both kinds, tervigon and a lone genestealer are primed / started painting so far. I'm actually changing my colour scheme to one that's harder to paint but looks (in my view) miles better, these Nids are all new-buys and aren't re-paints, they will come later.
163539 163540 163541 163542 163543 163544163545 163546 163547 163548

So that's pretty much what I'm working on currently, so here's hoping that 2013 turns out to be packed with fully painted models, and rather fewer grey sprues! Happy painting/gaming and I'd be interested to hear any ideas, tips or thoughts - I'm always looking for new ideas.

PS: In case the bases didn't give it away the Raptors will one day form a part of a larger Imperial force fighting in a city environment as I have some ideas in my head for cool basing, especially for dreadnoughts, sentinels and heavy weapons teams. I'm aiming to update this as regularly as possible, but life has a way of getting in the way of painting!