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05-02-2013, 22:24
Well after studying my new book I decided to make my first list. It is 2506 points together so if need be the champ has to go away in the warriors unit. I kinda like to have three combat blocks in armies. With the last book that was 2x 18 warriors and 50 marauders. Those were supported by some knights and a chariot usually. Now I switched the marauders for DragonOgres and the second warrior unit for the crushers. Meanwhile the knights had to leave and I got a second core chariot to fill up the points. Also new are the 2 flyers for some scare/fun ;).

What do you think of this list. In theory I really like it. It is fast, killy, and really different from my old one.

Lords - 555
Daemon Prince
Sword Of Swift Slaying; Flaming Breath; Chaos Familiar; Scaled Skin; Soul Feeder; 4 Magic Levels 1-4; Mark of Nurgle; Chaos Armor; Wings.

Heroes - 260
Exalted Hero
Helm of Many Eyes; Dawnstone; Burning Body; Mark of Khorne; Juggernaught of Khorne; Battle Standard Bearer.

Core - 636
18 Chaos Warriors
Aspiring Champion; Bannerbearer; Musician; Mark of Tzeentch; Shield.

Chaos Chariot
Mark of Khorne.

Chaos Chariot
Mark of Khorne.

5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Warhounds

Special - 635
6 Dragon Ogres

Regenerating Flesh; Flaming Breath.

Rare - 420
5 Skullcrushers of Khorne
Skullhunter; Banner Bearer; Musician; Ensorcelled Weapons.

C&C is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading / commenting.

Ps. Enemy for that list will be VC for starters and maybe some lizzys.