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Reasonable Commissar
06-02-2013, 08:58
Im looking at running a Deathwatch game with an attack on an Eldar spaceship, probably a cruiser size so it should be pretty decently big but Im not 100% on the interior and the layout of them.

Does anyone know where I can find more info on the layout and internal stuff? Ive read some of the Path series so have some idea but not sure how their embarkation decks, engine rooms, bridges etc are laid out.

I know the doors and etc are all psychicly activated so the team will need to break through them, I was planning on having them landing from a boarding torp or gunship in the Eldar embarkation deck for their fighters and other space craft that are docked on the larger ship and not using a webway. Then having them fight through corridors, fly up an elevator shaft, nuke some engines, go through a big arboretum/garden type thing like the Craftworlds have but smaller, get lost and walk into a small Aspect shrine (probably the Howling Banshees shower room) and then get to the bridge and execute a human heretic traitor and whatever Xenos are around.

Im trying to think what other sorts of things would be on there and make sure my stuff fits the lore as close as possible if anyone can help.

06-02-2013, 14:47
Path of the Outcast won't give you much on specifics but it will give you some tidbits and a fair feel of things, considering that most of it takes place on Eldar ships.

I will say that most eldar ships appear to be self-sufficient.

Reasonable Commissar
06-02-2013, 15:53
Ive read Warrior but not Seer or Outcast yet, may have a look at Outcast to get some more ideas.

Im trying to balance it between actual fluff and gameplayability.

06-02-2013, 17:54
There are stats for an Aconite-class frigate in one RT adventure I have. It's 1.5 km long, 200m. abeam at the fins. Larger ships will likely be commeasurably larger. This is somewhat comparable to Imperial frigates detailed in this adventure: the Firestorm is 1.6 km long, 300m abeam at the fins. By the same criteria, I'd hazard a guess that an eldar cruiser (full cruiser, not a light cruiser) might well be, say, 4.5 km long, 0.6 km abeam.

I would expect other Rogue Trader books to have more information on Eldar ships, though. Battlefield Koronus, Stars of Iniquity or the Koronus Bestiary would be my top picks for cruisers. Of course, any GW material on spaceship wars - i.e. Battlefleet Gothic - should also serve quite well.

Lord Squidar
06-02-2013, 20:50
I think the in the path books they describe the ship as a living thing with a sort of soul or spirit, so I would expect a boarding party to have to deal with defense systems which are very aware of you and possibly intelligent, so doors needing psychic activation, oxygen supplies randomly going out when the party has their helmets off, maybe some doors that open and lead them down maze like corridors etc etc. Maybe even wraithbone constructs to guard the ship?

Reasonable Commissar
06-02-2013, 21:39
Ah yeah I forgot about the air. I was going to have them blowing open all doors and finding elevators and etc not working for them. I might have a soul stone area where they are kept while in transport back to a Craftworld to join the Infinity Circuit, I know the group will likely smash them to be dicks which will activate my Wraithlord trap card.

07-02-2013, 00:30
As far as I can tell there is no official word on the exact layout of Eldar ships. However, based on the models and artwork, one can make some educated guesses.

Eldar carriers tend to have their launch bays as a large cavity just under the main prow section, in the case of the Eclipse class, or through the middle of it, in the case of the Void Stalker. Therefore I would imagine the embarkation deck to be situated at or towards the front of the ship.

Now, there can be two interpretations as to where the bridge is, as there are two possible locations for it on the models. The main two likely bridge locations are the central tower just behind the prow section, or the very front tip of the prow section (where there can often be seen a small cluster of windows). I myself prefer to think that the front tip is where the bridge is, and that the top of the tower is the nexus of the ship's infinity circuit.

Based on this, my suggestion would be to have the team arrive in an embarkation bay, in the prow of the ship, below the bridge, then for whatever reason make them have to loop around through the central tower to get to the bridge, before fighting/blasting their way back down to the embarkation bay for extraction.

As to the rest of the interior, there really is not much to go for, so it's up to you really. An idea I've had, based on the idea that the ship is a self-aware living entity, is that there is no standard layout, and that the interior varies from ship to ship, much like how the Leviathans in Farscape can have differing interior layouts.

Reasonable Commissar
07-02-2013, 11:54
Having them loop around wont be too hard as I was thinking of having some barriers and things to block certain passages. Eldar ships use solar sails iirc from BFG but do they have other engines as well? Might have the team have to detour to re-disable the ship from the inside as its too damaged for the Imperium ship to shoot without risking blowing it up.

Ive got a few ideas for encounters just trying to think how to make it less linear and to add some other stuff.

07-02-2013, 13:53
From Path of the outcast, they use Solar sails, but certainly some vessels have the ability to take them down and store them for manoeuvering in tighter spaces. That implies a secondary engine. They are described as very organic IIRC an upside down spine and ribs of wraithbone. They also are described as having hydroponic domes. Hope that helps.

Reasonable Commissar
07-02-2013, 14:24
I was thinking of using one of the big dome things like a big garden like arboretum like in Path of the Warrior where the IG are bringing all the tanks and stuff in but smaller. Was thinking of having a Wave Serpant waiting for them and it giving my assault marine something to do (apart from carrying people up lift shafts) since its a lot less enclosed.

I suppose I dont need to go into mega technical detail as the players will be marines not spaceship engineers so I can just say "blow up mechanism X to stop the stop moving" and it should be ok.

Im planning to have the heretic they are sent aboard to execute to be another Inquisitor which they dont find out about until they meet up with him on the bridge and he orders them to stand down as he is on an Inquisitorial mission and leave the party stuck between 2 opposing Inquisitors and watch the fireworks.

They fell out after 1 of them shook up the others beer can at the local Inquisition BBQ.

07-02-2013, 22:44
I've always imagined that the solar sails are used as a power source for the engines and other systems on board the ship, rather than a means of propulsion in their own right. On most of the capital ships they appear to be attached to long slender engine 'pods'. If going by this and they are indeed acting as a power plant, a number of the sections in the ship could be plunged into darkness as a result, which could make things interesting.

Also, if you do place the bridge at the front tip of the ship, and have them loop around to get to it, their path could easily take them through the main weapon batteries of the vessel. Perhaps another task could be disabling some?

Finally, if you're looking for ideas for encounters, have you considered having a small Harlequin troupe aboard the ship? That could spice things up no end.:evilgrin:

Reasonable Commissar
08-02-2013, 13:41
Hmm could throw some Quins in, problem is theres no Eldar stats for Deathwatch really so will need to alter some other Xenos and/or make them up.

08-02-2013, 22:39
Hmm could throw some Quins in, problem is theres no Eldar stats for Deathwatch really so will need to alter some other Xenos and/or make them up.

There are stats for Harlequins in Black Crusade. That said, 'quins don't usually hang out with other Eldar - they move around and do their own thing. They tend to come either when an Eldar force tends to fight Chaos or if they decide it's time for a show.