View Full Version : traitor kin

06-02-2013, 17:16
Does it effect chariots? When I read the spell I took it as only effecting cav and MC.

06-02-2013, 17:37
pretty sure the spell says mounts pulling chariots etc.

06-02-2013, 18:00
and ridden monsters, and monsters and handlers...

06-02-2013, 19:51
I really didn't see chariots in there, would have made a diffrence last night, a friend was trying out a very heavy chariot list for WoC, one of the 2 spells I rolled on slug tonge was that (and viletide, yea slug tonge did nothing but his special famine that whole game, but he survived!). His chariots walked through my partners army (team game, didn't go as planned heh)

06-02-2013, 20:55
Where exactly were you reading this description, because I can't imagine missing it in the beastman AB.

06-02-2013, 21:13
The armybook but I honestly must have missed it. I'll reread it again tonight when I go to the shop and get in my locker. Does this mean the crew do not get an armor save unless they themselves have armor then? I know it said to ignore barding and being mounted

06-02-2013, 21:38
You definitely lose the bonus from barding, but chariot crew aren't defined separately from their chariot anymore, so I reckon they'd get the "chariot" save (minus one if the steeds are listed as barded). The save bonus for bring mounted on a chariot only applies to characters though, so ignoring it should have no effect on the crew save, in either direction.