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06-02-2013, 19:31
Ok so I am a little limited by my models but I also like this and my other list alot. With the new book the army truly has moved to full elite combat so there is no point whining about how it used to be. With that in mind this is the first of two lists I have put together. See what you think. Post any weaknesses you see (not model count lol). Any improvements would be appreciated.

Lords - 400

Sorcerer lord nurgle. Scroll, tal 4+ ward, sword of striking.
Gifts--unholy strike.

This guy is great with nurgle. Sword means that one gift attack hits on 2/3 if he ever has to challenge and has a god chance of taking someone out.

Heroes -- 379

Exalted bsb - tzch, scaled skin, tal 5+ ward, dragon helm, halberd.

1+/4++, str 6 in combat. Fairly decent, wanted scaled over usual third eye.

Exalted nurgle--soul feeder, filth mace, shield, luckstone.

Less than 200. Kill a champion causes terror after. Soul feeder with d3 wounds could be fun.

Core--- 675

17 tzch warriors fc

2 x 5 dogs

14 khorne warriors fc halberds

Special--- 728

16 chosen nurgle - halberds fc

7 khorne knights ensorcelled weapons, ch/musc

Rare --- 220

Shaggoth extra hand weapon.


07-02-2013, 06:42
Bump for views

07-02-2013, 06:52
Unholy strike And magic sword seems like a waste on nurgle sorcerer. Be better to do fencer swords, makes him 6's to hit from most infantry. But even then there is better ways.

While they look cool knights just aren't that point efficient anymore. Skull crushers do it better for the same cost. And since you have them as khorne you aren't too worried about frenzy.

I think a lvl1-2 sorcerer for back would be better than a second combat character in my opinion.

Shag is solid rare choice but I prefer great weapons all the way

07-02-2013, 11:38
I have 5 juggers in the other list. I'm posing these too push down my options for spending.

So far my list is:-

2x skullcrushers.

It's not that expensive online for that.