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07-02-2013, 17:39
Hey guys. I'm looking for suggestions for my current dwarf list. It scores high according to the swedish comp rules, but I'm still looking for ways to tweak the list.

Dwarf Lord on shieldbearers w/ GW,
Runic Weapon: Master Rune of Kragg, Rune of Fury, Rune of SS
Runic Armor: Rune of Stone
Runic Talisman: Master Rune of Spite

Thane BSB w/ GW
Runic Armor: Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance
Runic Talisman: Master Rune of Challenge

Thane w/ GW
Runic Armor: Rune of Stone, 2x Rune of Iron

Thane w/ shield
Runic Armor: Rune of Stone, Rune of Resistance

35 Warriors w/ Mus
35 Warriors w/ GW, Mus
35 Warriors w/ GW, Mus

20 Hammerers w/ Master Rune of Grungni
Grudge Thrower w/ 2xPen, Rune of Accuracy
Grudge Thrower w/ Pen, Accuracy, Burning

2x Organ Gun

Swedish comp really hates dwarves magic defense so I did not add a runesmith to my army. I have yet to play this army and if magic hurts me a lot then I'll drop a thane and a few warriors to grab runesmith with a dispel scroll.

Battle Plan:
My 5 characters will probably go in the unit of warriors without great weapons. This unit is a unit breaker. 8 ranks deep with 5 death dealing hard to kill characters in the front ranks. I intend to use my warmachines to soften up the units that my other two gw warrior units might have to fight. The 20 man unit of hammerers is there to stall units that I can'/don't want to deal with or to flank charge if the opportunity presents itself. I have the master rune of challenge to help deal with mobile or other turtling armies. I was thinking about a strategy with the rune of challenge where I move the bsb from my warrior unit to my hammer unit, put the warriors in horde formation, then force an enemy to charge my stubborn hammeres and then hit that unit in the flank with my horde of warriors with all my characters. This would only be possible if movement permitted it, but it is at least an option. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated!

08-02-2013, 12:52
Solid list/tactic mate, but despite the comp I would bring a Runesmith unless it puts you into the "unfriendly" tier. If you face a "magicky" army without the Runesmith, you will not be able to counter the big spells that can wipe out entire units.

08-02-2013, 13:17
Seems solid, otherwise i think it might be ok to go magic defence light. Its gonna hurt though if you are vs a very magic heavy army, since you can tops pick one spell to dispell and have to let them through.

With spellbreaker runes your gonna hit down the 12 mark with this list, so yeah dont know if it makes your army that harder (maybe it does lol) to justify the compscore.Also does the extra 5 guys in each GW unit bring that much? those 10 guys comp 8 together, but i think as you said try it, if you feel its to hard with Runesmith drop those extra 5 in the units for the magic defense.

09-02-2013, 12:54
I only count 4 chaacters....

But bring a runesmith, be damn about what they say. Dwarfes are really good close combat but you can't move around as fast as others (just have to point it out) so it's not neccesary to give your opponents more advantages than neccesary