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07-02-2013, 19:17
Hi guys.
This is my first attempt at a list with the new WoC book. Decided to go for something non-Tzeentch for a change, and actually include a special character.
Feel free to comment, criticise and offer suggestions!


Chaos Lord (310pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder
Dragon Helm, Filth Mace, Potion of Strength

Sorcerer Lord (399pts)
Mark of Nurgle, Lvl4 (Nurgle), Barded Chaos Steed
Talisman of Preservation, Channeling Staff, Fencers Blades

Exalted Hero (195pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Ogre Blade

Festus the Leechlord

CORE (1284pts)

2 units of 30 Chaos Warriors
Mark of Nurgle, Shields
Standard Bearer and Musician

4 units of 7 Chaos Warhounds

SPECIAL (2199pts)

37 Chosen (Lord, BSB, Festus here)
Mark of Nurgle, Shields
Full Command
Razor Standard

13 Chaos Knights (Sorcerer Lord here)
Mark of Nurgle, Ensorcelled Weapons
Full Command
Banner of Swiftness

6 Chaos Knights
Mark of Nurgle, Ensorcelled Weapons
Standard Bearer and Musician
Banner of Eternal Flame


Chaos Warshrine
Mark of Nurgle

RARE (420pts)



TOTAL: 4997pts

07-02-2013, 21:33
I would give that chaos lord the poisoned attacks special gift and an additional hand weapon instead of the filth mace.

Shields is a poor loadout for your chosen because Festus gives them a 5+ regeneration save, making your parry from their shields worthless in most cases. Give them additional hand weapons to take advantage of more attacks from poison.

There's no good reason that exalted hero isn't a BSB.

07-02-2013, 23:41
My bad. The Exalted is the BSB.