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07-02-2013, 22:39
As the title suggests I've brought old the old empire army after playing vamps for a bit and am looking for help refining the list. I know the basics of what I want in there but need help with magic items loadouts etc for the characters and also any suggestions as to the most appropriate magic lore would be ace.

Thanks in advance


Lv4. Wizard destroy scroll on light? Have seen it used to some good effects in past

Grand master on steed not sure of weapons


Lv2 wizard dispel scroll on fire/metal as the meta here is tending towards vc woc and daemons at the minute

Witch hunter with gweapon and flying carpet ( have used this in the past to charge out of units to make the most of his abilities

Captain bsb battle standard


40 halberdiers FC
20 swordsman detachment

10 handguns

30 spearmen
10 Xbow detachment

10 knights FC


Great cannon


4 demigrifs

4 Demi Grifs



May have to jig points / unit sizes around but I'm wanting something fun to paint and play with that's at least going to be a bit fun and competative

CNc welcome

08-02-2013, 01:59
Why the GW on the witch hunter? It seems that having an extra attack from the brace of pistols would maximize the effects of KB, which realistically is his best shot at killing anything of consequence.

Just a thought.

08-02-2013, 13:37
I think the list is very solid overall mate. I would make a few changes if it were me though;

-I would swap out the crossbow detachment for a combat one i.e halberdiers or free company
-Personally I prefer the Hurricanum to the Luminark, not so much for it's bound spell but for it's +1 to hit buff.
-I would drop a Demigryph unit and with the recovered points increase the knights to 15 and maybe upgrade them to Inner Circle.
-Think about bringing 40 spearmen. 30 man state troop units simply do not have enough bodies to do much (in larger battles).
-If your meta is WoC/Daemons, the mortar is nigh on useless (strength 2 in the new book). I would bring a Helblaster or a second cannon.
-The Witch hunter is great, but I think a Warrior Priest is more more useful.
-I like Lore of Beasts myself and usually bring a level 4 in this. I tend to bring a level 2 shadow or fire with a dispel scroll also. Lore is a personal choice though and depends on your meta.
-As for your general's wargear, it is up to you really. I go with something like Obsidian blade (no armour saves), Talisman of Preservation (4+ ward) and Enchanted Shield (+2 armour save)

Anyway, those are just some thoughts on how I go about my Ostermark army. I am by no means a "pro" or "powergamer" however : )