View Full Version : Ogres and Warriors Doubles Army

08-02-2013, 10:43
My friend and I are looking to attend the battle brothers tournement at WHW in May. Decided to play as an Ogres and Warriors combo with a somewhat unsubtle and hopefully fun army list. whilst we want it to be competitive, we also want it to look coeherant and thematic.


Butcher Lv1 (Maw)
Ironfist, Dispel Scroll

7 Ironguts, FC, LOGnoblar, Standard of disapline

4 Mournfang, shlds, HA


(Leaves Roughly 60pts)


Exalted Hero, Jugger, BSB, Charmed Shield, MoK

5 Warhounds, Vanguard

2 Chariots, MoK

2 Gorebeast Chariots, Mok

3 Skullcrushers, Ens Weapons

Issues: Leadership for Ogres. Due to points we need to choose between no magic protection and a bsb or a wizard with an army vulnerable to panic tests.

With the leftover points, I'm thinking about a few sabretusks, extra level on butcher, dropping the scroll and taking the hellheart, swapping the ironblaster for a stonehorn (Losing some ironguts in the process).

what are everyone's thoughts?