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Asuryan's Spear
08-02-2013, 14:38
I should first state that my meta suffers from a distinct lack of small arms fire. its dominated by horde+artillery combo.
I should also state that i'm not looking to streamline this to uber comp. its a different style of play to what i usually play and so i largely want to keep most of the units
Every unit has MoS
Daemon Prince
Chaos Armour, Fly, lvl3, familiar, scaled skin, soul feeder, Lore of Slaanesh
the idea behind this guy is mainly as a spellcaster and road block for large cheap infantry, also can team up with Shaggoth to take down big gribblies

Chaos Chariot x2
these are pure and simple shock troops to flank the chosen and crash into small units

12 Chaos Marauder Horsemen x2
Full command, LA, Flails
these are my vanguard fast cav. they will sprint up in the first turn with the hellstriders to threaten war machines and put doubt into an opponents mind and try and force error/kneejerk reactions

30 Chosen w/halberds
Full command
this is my trouble shooting unit which is designed with the warshrine buffing to take on the inevitable hordes which my fast cav can avoid but not defeat

12 Hellstriders w/hell scourges, full command
these are designed to get into the back feild early on and cause havoc among war machines before (ideally) swinging round for rear charges

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth w/great weapon
this is here to support the deamon prince and as a general flanker as well as provide an alternate target for cannons and the like

is there to buff the chosen into making sure they can take on anything

I am fully aware there are probably more competitive lists out there but i wanted a kind of steppe feel to this army centring around alot of diversion and hit and run as well as picking my battles through mobility.
I have considered, due to shiny new models, a unit of Dragon Ogres instead of the shaggoth which could provide something against hordes.
so good people of warseer i was wondering what your thoughts on the strengths/weaknesses of this list were? and how you would improve it

08-02-2013, 15:48
Quick point, the warshrine only buffs the Chosen Champion. As such it won't get that much better (Although the initial roll does effect the unit.)

I would personally swap out the Shaggoth for a Chimera with the breath weapon. This list will struggle against hordes of cheap troops, the breath weapon will help thin one of those hordes out nicely.

08-02-2013, 18:08
The warshrine (in my opinion) is junk now that it only affects the champion. The only time I'd consider bringing it is if I was running some kind of character heavy list where the troops acted primarily as delivery systems for beefy combat characters, otherwise giving a champion +1WS or whatever is just useless. If you like super long long shots you can hope you get the demon prince upgrade for your champions, but that's not much of a strategy.

I'd also consider splitting up the chosen into two units of 12 or 18 because you're paying a ton of points for an extra rank or two that doesn't really make the unit much more efficient.

The shaggoth is S6 and has amazing initiative for a big monster, I'd lean towards giving him two hand weapons.

Why are the marauders horsemen in units of 12? I'd find it much scarier if they were in units of 5 or 6 because it makes it impossible to pick a juicy target and you double your chances of reaching those warmachines and mage bunkers.

Asuryan's Spear
08-02-2013, 18:18
the idea behind 12 was that after warmachines are dead i might send them into flanks of units and this gave them more flail attacks...not ideal but trying to make them more usefull

10-02-2013, 08:59
Demon Prince: You'd benefit a lot from giving him a charmed shield for a 1+ armor save as well as a cheap magic weapon such as +1 to hit.

Chosen: This block is just too big. There's very little that these guys can do that warriors can't do for less or in greater numbers for the same points. A unit of 24 warriors, 6X4, will give you very similar combat abilities while saving you like 200 points.

Shaggoth: Unless you plan to fight 1+ armored knights or toughness 6 monthers, leave the great weapon at home and go for the +1 attack.

Warshrine: Be aware that only unit champs are buffed. War shrines are much more about their combat prowess and resiliance than about buffing your army now. Also note that they are special and not rare.

I would make the following changes.

Lose the chosen and transform them into 2 smaller units of chaos warriors. These will do better to butcher your opponent's endless hordes by being in 2 places at once. With your core points covered, drop the 2 chariots and get 2 gorebeast chariots instead. They are amazing upgrades for only 20 points more. Lose the warshrine. I just don't feel it compliments your list. There will be very few things actually near it and you already have a demon prince as a character. Spread out those points to taste.