View Full Version : Lets try to break Chaos at 2400

08-02-2013, 22:22
Im not really very competative when it comes to fantasy, ive taken my Warriors to two tournies this edition simply because they are all I have fully painted and finished mid table both times taking an average army. Ive seen a lot about them being possibly broken with the new book but im not really seeing it if im honest. With that in mind lets see if we can make the hardest list we can and I will try to give it a few games against some big UK tourny gamers using some top lists [ Double Gutstar, Vamp Flying Circus etc]. Here is what im thinking but let me know if you see a way to make it more competative;

Lord; Tzeentch, Disk, Great Wep, Re Roll 1's on wards gift, Charm Shield, 4+ Ward, Crown, regain wounds on a 6, Scaly Skin.


17 Nurgle Warriors; Halberds, Shields, FC
7 Trolls; Extra Hand Weps

5 Dogs;
5 Dogs;

Chimera; Regen
Chimera; Regen


3 Dangerous hard to kill flyers, two dangerous very hard to kill war machines [knd of]. The two fighting blocks should do ok although I wouldnt trust the nurgle block against a gutstar and Id be worried about terrorghiests screaming at the hellcannons although the new ward save helps a little. What do you think? can we make it any better? would it hold up against the power builds?

10-02-2013, 09:15
I would probably get a 8th troll and run them 3X3. With the chimeras acting as support, you want your units thin and to have ranks. Same thing with Festus' unit. Go for 19 and 5 wide so you can fit the chimeras in.

I would probably drop 1 hell cannon and get 2 chariots or 1 gorebeast chariot and give the chimeras flame breath.

10-02-2013, 15:46
I dont think this list is very competitive at all, first you have no bsb, then you have a roadblock general and nothing to really punish the unit he is fighting unless you doubleflank it with wyverns. you only have a lvl 2 mage with no scroll. I normally think cannons wont matter as limited armys can take em and WoC lists usually have to many threats to really get them all, but your list makes that easy...kill your wyverns and you are left with 2 units that can do anything, one of which will fail stupidity 2 times a game on average without the bsb.

Dont mean it to sound like an ass, just trying to point out the major flaws is all.

I would consider dropping one of you special chars and his unit respectivly, fill out the rest of your core with slaanesh or khorne marked chariots,add a bsb possibly on a disk depending on which unit you drop and spend whatever you have left on gorbeast chariots or drop a wyvern and add in some skullcrushers or something else to mesh with your lord. or switch the lord for a sorc lord with more or less the same kit as him, he is more then capable enough to perform the same basic tasks i.e. holding things in place and hunting warmachines/chaff units with the added bonus of casting/dispelling. good luck with it either way