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08-02-2013, 22:55
Am I getting this totally Wrong can someone please clarify for me.

If a unit has the flaming banner thus gaining flaming attacks from a magical item are these attacks still also considered to be magical ie can wound ethereal creatures ?

Have looked through the faqs but can't find a definitive answer


08-02-2013, 22:57
No they aren't. To have a "magical attack" you must be attacking directly with a magic item or spell, or have an effect that specifies that you are. Being granted an ability by an item or spell doesn't count on its own.

The main Rulebook FAQ has this to say:
Q: What are ‘magical attacks’? (p68)
A: All attacks made by spells and magic items are considered to be magical attacks, as are all attacks that are specifically noted as being magical attacks. Shots fired from magical items are also considered to be magical attacks, unless their description specifically states otherwise. Hits inflicted by rolls on the Miscast table are treated as magical attacks.

You should also note that there are a number of Augment spells that buff your attacks but only some of them actually grant the "magical attacks" effect.