View Full Version : 3000 points WoC vs Dark Elf RBT spam.

09-02-2013, 19:59
So my opponent at my local club saw me playing with DP, Double Chimera list last week and we had scheduled a revenge match for him this coming Wednesday ( Massacre for Chaos last time).
From what he has let slip and the list he put out against High Elves this week I think he will be fielding 4-6 RBT ( Grand Army) plus 1 or 2 Hydras.

Came up with this list and I have to say I like the look of it even though I will miss fielding my Chimera's.

Chaos Lord- MoT, Great Weapon, Third Eye, Soul Feeder, Helm of many Eyes, Talisman of Preservation, Scaly Skin, Disc

Sorcerer Lord- Lv4, MoN, Dispel Scroll, Crown of Command, Charmed Shield, Sword of Might

Exalted Hero- BSB, MoT, Talisman of Endurance, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon, Halberd

19 Warriors- MoT, Shields, Standard, Musician, Banner of Swiftness

19 Warriors- MoN, Shields, Standard, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame

Chaos Chariot- MoK

Chaos Chariot- MoK

Gorebeast Chariot- MoN

Gorebeast Chariot- MoN

Hell Cannon

Hell Cannon

4 Skullcrushers - Full Command, Ensorcelled Weapons

So yea basically I thought with 2 Chimera's and DP I would still get shot to bits.
Thinking my Lord can do the job of Warmachine hunting as it wont take him long to maul through Dark Elf RBT's. I also know he will go with lore of metal, which scares me a little.

Double Hell Cannon- Because if he wants to go cheese so can I http://z4.ifrm.com/static/emo/7.png

Not sure whether to use the Nurgle Lore or Death, with low toughness Im leaning towards Nurgle to upset him, also makes my Halberd Warriors Stubborn.

Any thoughts, help would be greatly appreciated.