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10-02-2013, 12:05
Skaven ME 2.0 (2000pts)

2000pt Skaven Roster (Standard)

Skaven (Standard) Selections:

Lords (470pts)

Army General - Grey Seer (470pts) Skalm (30pts), Skaven Spells of Plague, Skaven Spells of Ruin, The Screaming Bell (200pts)

Heroes (122pts)

BSB - Chieftain (122pts) Battle Standard Bearer (25pts), Shield (2pts), Storm Banner (50pts)

Core (648pts)

Screaming Bell Movers - Clanrats (218pts) Clanrat unit responsible for moving the Screaming Bell.
Clawleader (8pts), Musician (4pts), Standard Bearer (8pts)

44x Clanrats (198pts) 44x Shield (22pts)

Horde - Clanrats (220pts) Clawleader (8pts), Musician (4pts), Standard Bearer (8pts)

40x Clanrats (200pts) 40x Shield (20pts), 40x Spear (20pts)

Stormvermin (210pts) Fangleader (10pts), Musician (5pts), Razor Standard (45pts), Standard Bearer (10pts), 20x Stormvermin (140pts)

Special (285pts)

Gutter Runners (90pts) Hand weapon and Snare-net

5x Gutter Runners (90pts) 5x Poisoned Attacks (25pts), 5x Slings (5pts)

Plague Monks (195pts) Bringer-of-the-Word (10pts), Musician (5pts), Plague Banner (30pts), 20x Plague Monks (140pts), Standard Bearer (10pts)

Rare (475pts)

Doomwheel (150pts)
Hell Pit Abomination (235pts)
Warp Lightning Cannon (90pts)

I created this list for the intended use in the Mighty Empires Campaign. I was thinking "caging" the Screaming Bell with the 40 model Clanrat unit in the front, and with Plague Monks and Stormvermin on either side. The army is not focused on shooting, so i gave the BSB the Storm Banner to protect my front line, before moving the "cage" into range. Gutter Runners would mainly be used to take out any warmachines the opponent would have. Gave Stormvermin the Razor Standard, which makes them useful in defeating cavalry. Was thinking of giving them shields also, but since most cavalry strike with a STR of 5, it seemed kinda pointless. I've found the HPA to be extremely powerful and the Doomwheel works well for flanking.

I am aware of the usefulness of slaves, but i would rather have a more mixed core than say 4*50 slave units. Anyway, would love some feedback on this list and how it could be improved. I am running with the 8th edition ruleset.

(List created with Battle Scribe)