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10-02-2013, 12:11
Been playing around with the idea of another army. So I found my old drawer army book and thought I would try out a list.

My main idea is not to be a gun line, to try and get some form of a movement phase even if its only a little.

Dwarf lord- shield, 2x rune of stone, rune of resistance, master run of spite, 2x rune of might, rune of striking- oath stone- 298

Rune lord- master rune of gromil, 2x rune of iron, great weapon,
master rune spell binding, rune spell breaking- 276

Thane- bsb, shield, rune of iron, 2x rune of stone- 117

12x thundereds- 168

12x quarrerlers- 132

40x warriors- full com- 385

30x hammerers- shields full com- 420

Cannon- 90

18x miners- full com, steam drill- 248

Organ gun- 120

12x troll slayers- musician, standard-

This is currently 10 points over, easily trimmed by dropping a warrior.

It's probably not the best but has some decent combat units that can stick around. Oath stone is purely cause I love that model. Hammerers can take the centre with lord while other two characters run in warriors. Slaywrs take a flank miners jump in where they can.

I now think it might be better to drop the organ for another cannon purely for range but let's see what people here say :)

10-02-2013, 12:34
Even without a gun line, I would spring for a cannon. You currety have only the og, which is better used against low tough/high armour.

Just 1 would not a gun line make.

You could drop the miners, bump up the quarrellers to more numbers an give them
Gw for another big unit.