View Full Version : Chaos Undivided 2500 pts!

Waagh Rider
10-02-2013, 21:10
Had some success with an Undivided army today. Wondered what people thought.

Chaos Lord
Barded daemonic mount ( changed to steed if facing cannons etc)
Helm of Many Eyes
Sword of Strife
Talisman of Endurance (5+ws)

Sorceror Lord Lvl 3 (took Shadow)
dispel scroll

Sorceror Lvl 2 (took Death)
Chaos familiar

29 Chaos Warriors in horde formation with sword and board
Full command
Banner of Discipline


Hounds x 5
Hounds x 5

10 x Chaos Knights
Full command
Ensorcelled wpns

16 Chosen with great weapons
Full command


Comes in 9 pts shy of 2 1/2 k
Any suggestions for spending those?

11-02-2013, 23:29
It's interesting to me that your Sorc Lord is only equipped with a dispel scroll. That's quite an expensive caddy. Why not just go for the hero version instead? Saves many points and does practically the same thing. With the saved points, I'd seriously consider putting Vanguard on the hounds, possibly poisoned attacks as well.

13-02-2013, 16:38
I agree with what Iron_Soul posted. The list itself is quite hard though, although it would be far better to remove the Chosen and put those points into core, whilst removing the Chariot and throwing in a Gorebeast or two.

Fist full of Pills
15-02-2013, 03:02
And I agree once again for the points you have in the chosen you could cash them in for a unit of 20 warriors with haberds or great weapons and still keep it at full command. Plus what could your unit of chosen do that a unit of great weapon warriors cant. Nothing you will still get the same results in killyness.