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11-02-2013, 08:31
Hey everyone.
Haven't played fantasy in well over a year now, after about 5 years of faithful gluing and playing, I was burnt out and wanted to build tanks and make cartoony explosion sounds.
I'm getting bored of that now though.
I've always loved Empire and they have a new book and new models (new to my eyes at least) so now seems like as good a time as any.

I've basically forgotten 60% of how the game is played though so will be starting small, namely at the 500pt mark. My LGS is having a small series of small games in late march, so it'd be good to be ready by then.
I'm not looking to win really, much less dominate everyone but, obviously don't want to lose every single game.

Here's my list.

Captain @ 68pts
Shield, Full Plate

20 Swordsmen @ 200pts
Full Command
Detachment of 5 Free Company

10 Crossbowmen @ 100pts

6 Knightly Knights

Totalling 500pts.

The Captain joins the Swordsmen who form the main fighting force and the anvil to the Knights hammer (although they are in fact armed with lances).
The crossbowmen will offer some supporting fire and whittle down enemy units or pick off annoying distractions such as my own militia, who will attempt to annoy and redirect things to suit my own selfish purposes.

Any advice at all would be appreciated.

Lord Solar Plexus
11-02-2013, 09:17
Empire can really shine in 500 points. Something like a Hellblaster or a unit of Outriders is going to seriously cripple the relatively small units you will see.

A Captain is nice although a Warrior Priest is probably the better leader simply because he gives you something to do in the magic phase and can improve both offense and defense. I'd skip the musician on the crossbows and use the points for a dragonhelm on whichever character you're going to take.

11-02-2013, 10:24
I hadn't considered that, I figure that if you're going to take magic at all you need a lot of it, just 1 spell will be stopped every time.
I, however didn't realise how much the priest had changed and it seems he can cast all 3 of his spells each turn, which means at least one, maybe even two won't get dispelled.
That. Is. Cool...and could potentially lead to 5+ ward save, re-rolling to hit and wound, flaming-swords-men.

I'd forgotten about the dragonhelm too, though I have to drop one swordsman to afford it.

12-02-2013, 00:09
Looks like a good 500 point list, and in smaller games I think the captain is a solid choice for general with his hold the line ability. The warrior priest is good but from my experience he's better off leading halberdiers where he can help them make the most of their strength boost. Swordsmen are (slightly) more of an anvil unit and I think benefit more from a captain.

The strategy you wrote under the list is pretty sound for smaller games and should work out for you. Good luck and have fun!

Lord Solar Plexus
13-02-2013, 14:46
I hadn't considered that, I figure that if you're going to take magic at all you need a lot of it, just 1 spell will be stopped every time.

You certainly don't need it and yes, people tend to throw everything at that one spell - but as you say, a WP brings three, and that's on top of hatred and Ld 8.

It's true that a Captain seems to go together better with the anvilish Swordsmen but at the end of the day, he only helps you when you lose. A Warrior Priest does that by improving your chances to win.

13-02-2013, 21:19
I think I'm going to agree with you here. The Captain means if I lose I'm less likely to run but with a priest I'm just less likely to lose.
Priests can also channel, which is sort of nice.

Thanks for the help.

14-02-2013, 20:54
I agree on the switch to a warrior priest. I dont see much value in the free company. I'd switch to halberdiers even if it means you have to lose 1 swordsman. You could also cut the mus on the crossbowmen as I don't see it doing you much good. Also at this points level remembering to target and kill enemy unit champs is crucial as everyone is throwing so few attacks that the one extra attack can make all the difference. As well with smaller units it's not uncommon to see a unit get down to a single guy (the champ) and flee, taking all the points with him, however; if that last guy is the standard bearer then he dies and you get full points.

14-02-2013, 22:58
Yeah I realised the musician is essentially useless for move-or-fire missile troops.
Free company are there as a redirecting unit, something to draw some arrows and block units. The actual unit that does this doesn't really matter but I chose Free Company over Halbderdiers and over the cheaper spearmen because I like the models and because against some armies free company can actually assassinate characters quite well.
6 Free company 3x2 charge into a unit of skeletons and throw 9 attacks at a priest. 4 hits, on average. 2 wounds, on average. 4+ save would take that down to 1 wound but that's not bad and a lot of characters won't have a ward save in a small game.