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11-02-2013, 07:35
I'm making this thread to hear the opinions and hopefully help the folk who are looking for armies to start based on phases in casual smaller games
so feel free to add more armies and even you opinions of ones here already and maybe this will help get such info to new players choosing an army who know what type they want or anyone looking for another. Also i based my score on the armies own ability to fulfill the roles in the army. Remember all opinions welcome cause different casual gaming groups may have the same army preform differently based on the general's preferences

I'll do my favorite the Wood Elf

ratings.. 1 being lowest 5 being highest and type "off da charts" if you would swear it's the greatest thing ever and for a good laugh ;)

Movement: 5 they mostly skirmish great for getting where to be and decent flying support...
Magic: Offensively 2 few choices or decent casting support. Defensively: 4 the ability to reroll dice plus rulebook items
Shooting: 4 it reminds me of how the Silver Surfer had to prepare planets for Galactus. Point is it a threat but wont be the trash out on its own..
Combat: 2 you need other phases to above to help here... or die hard
Leadership: 4 not many guys panic here

11-02-2013, 08:30

Movement: (5) With access to pretty much the fastest moving land units in the game (seekers), lots of flying (thirsters, furies, screamers) and generally good movement all around.
Magic: (4) They do have MOS but are slightly limited by the fact that a lvl 2 is the most competitive build, therefore lacking the +4 to cast.
Shooting: (1) After the flamer nerf..what shooting do they have? (I am aware of soulgrinders)
Combat: (5) Bloodletters, plaguebearers, thirsters, keepers, enough said.
Leadership: (5) Although only having average LD, with the daemonic rule they ignore everything, and the fact that you can still have armour and a BSB they are about the most reliable army out LD wise.

11-02-2013, 09:07

Movement (3) - all around M5 or 6, but no access to cavalry or flying units
Magic (4) - some really good spells, the dreaded 13th but no support like HE or DE
Shooting (4) - WLC, poisoned slings from Gutter Runner, Doomrocket - all good choices, plus a Weapon team here and there
Combat (3) - yes, a HPA is good, but that's it - even stormvermin (our elite) is just avarage - but we can do the war of attrition (but not against goblins and zombies)
Leadership (3) - can have a ld 10 bubble, but outside the bubble you are only ld 5 - 8 (for special units without ranks like gutter runners, jezzail, rat ogres etc. this is also inside the bubble) and your generals only have ld7 at best so they will be easy targets for the death signature spell. You have to protect your flanks to get not disrupted!

Lord Solar Plexus
11-02-2013, 10:39

Movement (4) - M5 / 6 + Gutter Runners
Magic (4) - almost everything is useful, almost everything can be cast into combat, some spells stick all game, Warptokens
Shooting (4-5) - WLC, lots of autohits, poison, magical attacks
Combat (4-5) - Plague Monks + Banner, HPA, Rogers + Warlord + Bonebreaker...and then there's attrition, because winning round 4 is still winning.
Leadership (3-5) - depends on build. Ld 10 is very good but not special to Skaven. You can however make nearly the whole army unbreakable or stubborn.

Movement (3-5) - depending on the build. Can be anything from M4 move or fire to M7-8.
Magic (4) - access to all main lores mainly, a few options to generate dice, prayers & bound spells en masse
Shooting (4) - Cannon + Hellblaster, 'nuff said.
Combat (3-4) - a few good choices but mostly low stats and not enough numbers.
Ld (3) - average.

Movement (3-5) - see Empire.
Magic (4) - some nifty items, nice lores, nice BRB choices, well-protected wizards
Shooting (2) - Hellcannon
Combat (5) - see stats. Core outfights other factions' elites.
Ld (3) - Ld 8 is okay, the SoD helps a bit but getting Ld 9 otherwise is problematic. Some issues with Trolls and such.

11-02-2013, 11:56
Dogs of War (from the Warhammer Annual list, not including Regiments of Renown)

Movement(3) - M4 humans overall, with access to core fast cavalry and skirmishers, other choices include M3 infantry and M6 monstrous infantry, lack of scouts and flyers hurts them here
Magic(2) - Access to all rulebook lores, with affordable hero and lord level casters, no unique items or lores
Shooting(4) - Core Crossbows a point cheaper than the standard, combined with solid stated skirmishers in core, fast cavalry which can be given bows, as well as a good deal on warmachines, which are both Rare choices
Combat(2) - Effective combat units all being Special choices hurts here, access to Frenzied great weapon troops and Ogres helps, but a lack of good, well priced rank-and-file troops is very limiting. The Paymaster is a huge weakness to the list.
Leadership(2) - Human average leadership, mostly 7, a few 8's. One stubborn Ld8 choice in special, but no unbreakable or immune to psych (frezy exception). Characters are affordable but average, Paymaster/BSB can easily lose you games.