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11-02-2013, 15:02
Scenario 1
So I had a unit of 8 sword masters charge a unit of 12 clanrats in the rear at the same as my unit of 5 reavers charged the flank. The sword masters killed 5 rats and the reavers killed none. I suffered no casualties in this encounter. Combat was lost against sword masters by 9-1 and reavers won 3-1...do the rats flee from sword masters as they had the higher difference? Or would they flee on a diagonal from both units?

Scenario 2
If a unit of clanrats charge my unit, I win combat and the rats fail leadership so they flee. I pursue, they role 7(plus scurry away) fleeing a total of 8". I role 6 so end up 2" behind. It's then my turn, in the movement phase I declare a charge with the same units, as its 2" it's an automatic guarantee...do the rats have a chance to rally before my charge hits? As if it hits in the rear it removes the whole unit and from that distance is guaranteed.

Sorry if this is some really basic stuff but il get there eventually :) thank you in advance for any help :)

11-02-2013, 15:27
Scenario 1:
Flees from the highest number of ranks. In this case, random the flee.
The Combat Resolution is done as a whole. Based on what you wrote.. Your High Elves did 5 wounds plus 2 for rear, 1 for flank, 1 charge, (asuming) 1 for banner (only 1 banner counts). He had 1 banner. 11 - 1 is the result.

Scenerio 2:
When you declare a charge against a fleeing unit, they automatically flee 2d6" plus scurry (for skaven).

11-02-2013, 20:06
Brilliant, il remember that one in the future, thank you very much :)