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13-02-2013, 08:14
Just a quick one really, we tried some of the planetary environments from the rule book last night at our club and they really seemed (on our side) to just be a pain in the a** and something else to remember.

We got low gravity so all weapons had reduced range by 6" so you have to think a bit harder before every single shot, this wsa i guess componded by opponents having dark eldar nightshield so it wsa -12"! to their raiders.

Was not really impressed myself, was wondering if any of you use them on a regular basis and what your experience is? I can't see me wanting to bother with them again, they really didnt enchance the naratve or feel of the game for me only slowed it down and cause frustration.

edit: also for the life on me what page are these on? they all rolled for them and i cant find em anywhere!!!

edit edit: looks like they are bloody campaign rules! heh so not that official. Battlefield debris are in the core rules though, do you guys utilise those? like the re-roll inv save for chaos temple etc? or just ignore them.

13-02-2013, 11:30
I think they work much better for narrative campaigns. For example, say you are playing a map-based campaign, then the starting territory of a chaos force could contain a number of shrines to chaos, in addition to the normal defences one might expect. Comms Relay and Ammo dumps can be used as objectives, giving whoever is holding it a small advantage, maybe they give one VP more than a normal objective in the scenario? Things like that.

If you have a campaign where one terrain tile is say a damaged space station, the low-g/no-g rules might be fun. But for casual one-off games, no, I don't think they improve the game.

Oh, and I think you should use the rules from page 368 and onwards, as it's easier for everyone if you use the most up-to-date rules. For example, Low G gives all weapons (except templates) 6" extra range, and jump infantry and skimmers 3" extra move in the movement phase according to the rulebook...

13-02-2013, 11:40
I haven't yet experimented with planetary environments in my games, but from the looks of them they seem well suited to pre-arranged games, where you and your opponent can plan for the obstacles that they may face on such a battlefield. This will also allow a narrative to be forged with special objectives etc.

I'm currently planning a game set in the depths of a Hive World, using Night Fight/ random monsters etc.

As for Battlefield debris, I really like these and think they add to the enjoyment of a random pick-up battle. I have around 3 boxes of terrain I bring out for our games, one of these is filled with CoD buildings, the other with PlanetStrike and Trench Line terrain, the last with random 'Debris' such as clusters of Ammo crates, Fuel Depot/ Barrels. Each one of these counts towards to the terrain limit for each the 2x2 section of the board. This allows my opponent and myself to add abit more flavour to the battlefield and certain sections of the battlefield more important then others. This helps turn otherwise disused sections of the board into important hot points.

13-02-2013, 18:23
I have used the planetary environment rules and battlefield debris, there really fun. Even if your doing a pick up game I often ask if we are using them. If they so no then. That's fine if not then we add a tactile challenge to the game. I find printing off cards for them like the warlord trait cards helps to remind you what's special rule is in place. And like all rules in the game, play them enough and you will remember them.
I remember I played against a guy who didn't want to use the warlord traits because he didn't know them. Surly the only way you will learn them is to use them.

13-02-2013, 18:38
Environments look nifty, but something that could very quickly turn into a hassle as you've discovered. I'm sure with a couple games of each they'd become a lot less burdensome, but then you have to have someone else willing to put up with those games...

The debris I like in theory, but haven't been able to test... most of the games I've played have been semi-arranged and meant to be semi-balanced for a league I've been playing in. Everything's pretty relaxed, but nobody (myself included, so I can't exactly complain) has piped up to suggest we add them in.

Both look like you get the most mileage from a story-based session, be it a campaign or just something you and your opponent spin on the fly... just seems like they'd end up set up in a more impressive-yet-fair way if you have an idea of why they're going down other than "we want to sprinkle toys around."

13-02-2013, 20:01
I'd actually totally forgotten about planetary environments and battlefield debris! Have a campaign coming up soon with our gaming club, will have to mention it to the organiser and see if he plans to use any.

Chapters Unwritten
13-02-2013, 21:08
It's worth noting that these and many other cool effects from the back of the main book are not present at all in the small rulebook, so be aware that not everyone who plays in your campaign might be able to see the rules in practice.

14-02-2013, 07:31
yea the debris are actuqlly pretty cool after reading them, makes stuff that can infiltrate a bit more useful. like this card by the terrqin idea! r

14-02-2013, 11:48
It's worth noting that these and many other cool effects from the back of the main book are not present at all in the small rulebook, so be aware that not everyone who plays in your campaign might be able to see the rules in practice.

Oh right I didn't realise they weren't in the smaller one. Well our GM is sending out briefings to individual players beforehand via email, plus ongoing narrative updates, so I'll be sure to get him to inform everyone of the effects that'll be used. Cheers CU.