View Full Version : 2600 pointsWood elves

13-02-2013, 14:15

I am trying to lock in on an take all comers wood elves list. Not easy. What I have so far

lvl 4 lifeweaver w. scroll and lamentation of despair
lvl 3 beastwaever w. hexscroll

1 unit of 20 glade guard mus, standard bearer flaming banner
1 unit of 20 glade guard mus and standard bearer
1 unit of 18 glade guard mus

3 units of 8 dryads
2 units of 6 treekin

1 eagle

Noble on eagle w. eternal kindred, spear, LA, shield and HoDa

A word on tactics. Take out opponent's magic as quickly as possible
I want try out the whole turn to frog and hit mage with lamentation combo. Target will be lvl 2 mages

When hopefully magic dominance is established turn beastweaver to great fire dragon.

Otherwise solid firebase and solid units of treekin to deal out damage.

Let me know your thoughts