View Full Version : New Xenos : Tyranid Queen of Thorns from Hivefleet Cthulhu

13-02-2013, 15:42
Hi people, I'm very sorry that I've been silent here during years, but I'm somewhat back to the hobby, and I wanted to show you my new project, a conversion made from tyrannofex, new tyrant kit, new huge goblin spider for the tail, plus the magic of Hydra's hands and brain :)
This is mainly a huge hive tyrant who can also spawn some horrors on the battlefield like a tervigon. The beast is actually a mix of 3 symbiotes : on for the main body with its mouth on the belly and eyes on the top of the belly, a Zoanthrope-like creature on top of it, functionning as the brain, providing psychic powers and hive mind link, and then the weapon symbiote on left arm.

I hope you guys like it and that it'll give you ideas to spawn your own horrors :)


WIP shots :

15-02-2013, 09:44
Tyranid Queen of Thorns from Hivefleet Cthulhu

best hive fleet name ever

15-02-2013, 12:48
Really nice painting, it really resembles chulhu.
And Hydra did agreat job, just seen it over there on warpshadow and I have to say, the "Head"-creature is incredible.

Good Job, both of you. :D