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13-02-2013, 21:28
Lo folks i was putting together some orks from Assault on black reach and i decided to give the nob with the bionic eye two pistols and name him deffshot (deadshot from dc comics), then however I ended up with a nob that hat two axes and i considered what to call him, finally i decided on Kolk (mixing Cull with Ork) but now i want to orkify Cull's catchphrase "By this axe I rule" so how do you think it should be phrased?

Chapters Unwritten
13-02-2013, 21:30
"By dis 'ere ax, I rulez ya!!"

13-02-2013, 21:31
good one, what I got when I tried myself before starting this post:

"By diz ere choppa I iz da boz" But it seemed a little long.

Also does anyone know if deadshot has some catchphrase?

13-02-2013, 21:35
good one, what i ended up with ater tinkering abit with it was:

"By diz ere choppa I iz da boz" But it seemed a little long

I actually like that one and feel it isn't too long. I would however probably separate to

"By diz ere choppa, I iz da boz"

I picture him raising the axe as he says it, then beats it across his chest ha ha

13-02-2013, 21:40
"Biggest is Best."

13-02-2013, 21:43
"Skarboss" translates to "Cutting weapon ruler" in Ork glyphs. Simple enough. Other glyphs you might use to assemble a name might include Nob (Nobility, authority), Dreg (Cut, destroy, rip apart), Duff (Vanquish, chastise), Bark (Command, shout), Gog (God, power), Bonk (duel). Or just sum it up with "Orky," meaning "Ork Civilization". Means about the same thing, I figure.

13-02-2013, 22:25
So he is Kolk da Dregga. (Cull the destroyer).

Hmm he has two axes would that still be "Diz ere choppa" and should i use 'ax' or 'choppa'?

The Dude
13-02-2013, 22:53
If you actually required him to be verbose, I would suggest "Me Choppa sez I'm da Boss!"

Of course, as an Ork, it's far more likely he would simply use said weapon on anyone who didn't already understand who was in charge.

14-02-2013, 00:29
its more that since unlike Deffshot, Kolk da dregga isnt that apparent who he is a reference too so i thought that giving him a quote from the character would make it more obvious.

Yeah I can easily see him proving his point though.