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13-02-2013, 21:26
Hi there,

I am currently painting some Salamanders and I am wondering if any of you know how to paint the Sergeants for the salamanders? Like som special stripes on the helmet or other markings.
Tried to look around for it but could not find it and thought after a while that some fluffgurus on this board would know=)


13-02-2013, 21:42
Offhand, I don't think there's specific markings that're well known.

That said, Salamanders are known for their fabrication skills, their individuality and so forth - I find that to be license to really individualise a lot of the miniatures I have for them. Honour markings, campaign badges, personalised heraldry, variant armours... all of that ties in very well with the lore on the Salamanders: that individually they have the capacity to 'do as they please' in many respects.

I'll keep an eye out in this respect - my Sergeants are only really known by their equipment (e.g. cloaks, plasma pistols), not marked by designations and symbols. I'm quite tempted now to see about creating some specific iconographic bits to overlay on their armour...

Leftenant Gashrog
13-02-2013, 22:12
I'm not aware of any current canon rank markings for them. I'd be inclined to either stick the current codex rank emblem (the iron skull) on them somewhere, or else go old skool and use the RT rank emblems:

13-02-2013, 22:16
Thanks for the help guys=)

I think I will actually try both. A cloak I think could look nice with scales and then also have a yellow marking on the helmet.

Thanks agian for the fast replies.


Lord Damocles
14-02-2013, 20:00
Imperial Armour 11 (Badab War pt.2) shows two Veteran Sergeants with yellow helmets (pgs.79 & 80)

14-02-2013, 20:21
I have mine with black helmets and red lenses vs green helmets and yellow lenses on normal marines.
ie looks like they have their helmets off.

In UNIVERSE in RT times Salamanders were famed for their infravision such that all their company banners were identical as the markings were in the infrared. I'm claiming that black and red look similar enough to them- black is highly radiant so would appear to give out more heat radiation which is at the red end of the spectrum.

See plog for how they look

also sternguard have gold helms just coz it looks cool

14-02-2013, 22:21
Maybe some more cult markings? Anvils, flames and such painted onto the armour around the legs and cuirass. It could work if you restricted that kind of iconography to sergeants and above.

Considering the emphasis the Salamanders place on their chapter cult and rituals, I could easily see sergeants acting as leaders during services, under the chaplain. Definitely a non-codex astartes set of markings though.

18-02-2013, 16:00
I've always tended to go: black helmets for sargents and black stripes for squad leaders

All Cing Eye
19-02-2013, 22:02
I don't play Salamanders but I've always thought it look best with black helmets for sargeants and gold helmets for veterans.

19-02-2013, 22:47
Im going for Black Helmets and for some of them a nice treat from the armoury.