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13-02-2013, 23:52
Sons of Horus 1st Company


Hello warseer, I will be using this space to post progress on my 1st Company of the Sons of Horus in the Early days of the HH, particularly the Drop Site Massacre. I like the idea of nearly an all terminator army, with a Primarch in terminator armour and a squad of essentially marine grenadiers (destroyers), a dred and a forgelord with a conversion beamer for long range support, guarded by one automata with power fist and one automata with a rotor canon for more support. Termies teleport with Abaddon and Horus to wreak destruction at close range. Quick, brutal decapitation, just what the 1st company was intended to do.

Falkus Kibre still hasn't been added to the list but will be once I expand.

Here are my Names for the 1st company (each named after fallen angels) and the list.

************************************************** **********************************

Sons of Horus Protos

Primarch - Horus the Warmaster
First Captain – Ezekyle Abaddon
Captain– Falkus Kibre

Justaerin Chainfist - Amon
Justaerin Chainfist – Sabnack
Justaerin Powerfist 1 – Ipos
Justaerin Powerfist 2– Rahab
Justaerin Powerfist 3 – Kokabiel
Justaerin Powerfist 4 – Zagan
Justaerin Powerfist 5 – Orias
Justaerin Powerfist 6 – Uzza
Justaerin Powerfist 7 - Balam
Justaerin Powerfist 8 - Mastema

Destroyer Squad Seargent – Xaphan
Destroyer Missle launcher – Ruax
Destroyer 1 – Botis
Destroyer 2 –Apollyon
Destroyer 3 - Marbas

Forge Lord – Forcas
Servo Automata – SoH8350
Servo Automata – SoH2491

Contmptor Dreadnought – Morax

************************************************** ******************************************

Horus the Warmaster

Ezekyle Abbaddon

5 justearin Terminators
4 Power Fists
Chain Fist

5 justearin Terminators
4Power Fists
Chain Fist

Contemptor Dreadnought, Morax
Assault canon

7 Destroyer Squad
Missile Launcher
Lightning Claw
Phosphex Bomb


Disciple of Caliban
14-02-2013, 17:43
I'll be looking forward to this one. Though i am curious, why none of the Justaerin weapons? Game wise it makes negligable difference (neither is really an efficient use of points :) ) but i'm still a little surprised to see a Justaerin army not making use of them?

Im amazed at how small an army this is. I'd noticed Justearin where pricy, but hadnt considered the effect that and a primarch would have on this size of a list. 20 infantry and a dread at 2k is staggering. Though does mean you will have plenty of time for painting.

Look forward to seeing what you do with this, good luck!

14-02-2013, 18:34
Yeah it is partially the reason why ended up picking Justaerin, essentially cheaper to make an elite army like this than the horde type I was initially planning for world eaters, way too expensive in the long run. Plus the idea of Horus and a guard of Justaerins sounds very cool. I was never overly crazy about Sons of Horus, but the 1st company and Primarch win it for me.

As for the reason behind power fists... I just really like them, and I thought they'd look particularly good with Abaddon's power fist and Horus' Lightning Claw.

anyway some pics of Justaerins with Power fists which I haven't actually found many of.

I wont be adding the chain bayonets as I'll be using those to make a chainfist for my dred.



14-02-2013, 21:36
Looks lovely. I love the idea behind the army, so good luck sir :)

the damned artificer
15-02-2013, 01:14
Nice :D and add a Spartan and a couple of land raiders, maybe 2 contemptors more and suddenly you have a pretty big army ;)

09-03-2013, 19:27
I hope it works out nice. If you want a realy killer exchange the dread for a plasma pred. Its really good.

11-03-2013, 17:04
@Sqallum, Thanks.

@the Damned Artificer, yeah I want to eventually push this army into whole 1st company, and I remember reading somewhere about Horus teleporting with 50 Justaerin, that would be very fun to field and impressive to have on a shelf/table. But 50 Justaerin is currently way out of my budget so ten will suffice for now.

@Fizzy, I'm trying to stay away from tanks, for now, and contemptor dreds are just to cool to pass up, if anything more contemptor dreds, i think a talon of them working with the terminators would be a solid powerhouse.

I've decided to change up my list a bit, firstly i think i might include some long ranged support in the justaerin which would mean one dual lightning claw termy per unit, one chainfist, two powerfists and then either a heavy flamer or reaper autocanon respectively.

Now update, I have begun painting my termies last night so I'll show you some wip pics, still need to finish the bases whihc only have a drybursh of mournfanga and some abaddon black and need to highlight some area sof the armour in particular the edges over the eyes. I've slightly gone against the fw scheme as i didn't fancy any red on the shoulder pads and instead painted the Sons of Horus type green on the helmets to tie it in with the rest of the legion.

Now a small point although not proven well in the photos due to lighting, but I have foudn that loren green scantly painted ove r a drybrusg of rakarth flesh imitates the Sons of Horus green very well, has that kind of off sickly green look, the trcik i find at least is to have some pockets of black in-between the faint layer of rakarth flesh. Then a small near transparent highlight of rakarth flesh to finish.

Also I've started two of my catulan Reavers which will comprise of a unit of seven now. Mixed in some SW bits to make them a bit more rough and feral.

Do excuse some of the pics, the lighting isn't overly great but they are wip.



the damned artificer
11-03-2013, 18:04
Great update, and I love the bases :D You should leave the skellie on the chainfist guy black like a scorched victim, that would look really cool and it might be Luke's aunt and uncle XD

Not to sure I like the green helmets, but it's hard to see as the pics are a bit unsharp and also a bit over exposed so can't really give you proper feedback on that :)

11-03-2013, 19:11
Very nice models here fella very nice indeed.

The list you've put up is that all you're doing?

11-03-2013, 21:30
Took some much better photos,

@Damned Artificer, thanks, you're were right to much exposure. Shame about the skeleton, was already applying some drybursh to it. But I may do that for some of the others, also don't make your mind up entirely on the helmet, still need shading and some roughing up.

@Dorns_fist, thanks, I'll probably be doing more depending on what I think of or interests me, eventually i may end up doing some veterans and other heroes.


14-03-2013, 00:35
Right, a tiny update, and the last for a small while, I've slightly gone back at the justaerin, decided to repaint the helmets black again but leave the grills/face/front in green, this still need a small highlight but as the idea was inspired by the catulan reaver art in Betrayal i thought i would be better in the end to have the top black and just have a small touch of green.


Hopefully the next update should contain Abaddon in it's early stages as I've decided to finally order him tomorrow.

14-03-2013, 00:42
Looking good so far, love the paint job and weathering!