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22-05-2006, 01:48
Got another one out there for all you BFG fans - another friend of mine (Chaos) and I (IN) played a game. It was a fleet engagement, with some slight changes to misinterpetting the orginial rulebook (deployment zones) at 2000 pts.

We each deployed with our fleets broken up into three groups facing off against each other. The near edge saw the first real battle of the engagement with the Despoiler, a Carnage, & a Devestation against a Squadron of 4 Cobras, a Dictator, and a Mars. This engagement was around the small planet on the table and made it a very quick engagement. The escort squadron was wiped out. The Slaughter was hulked while the Dictator disengaged. From this engagement the Despoiler and Devestation survived and so did the Mars. The Mars quickly made its way to the center of the board away from the planet while the other two remaining ships began to turn about.

In the center 3 Imperial vessels, an Overlord and two Lunars prepared to close the distance to a squadron of Infidels, a Carnage and a Hades. The Overlord took out the Infidels with some supporting fire from the distant Emporer while the 2 Lunars prepared to fire torpedeos as the closed with the two Traitor ships. Exchanges of fire went back and forth between the two groups of capital ships. This engagement was to be joined by the Mars escaping from its pursuers. It launched a wave of Bombers after concentrated fire from the other 3 Naval vessels crippled the Carnage. The Carnage was hulked and the attention of the Naval vessels turned to the Slaughter. The Slaughter lashed out at the Imperial vessels and damaged a few of them. A wave of tropedeos sent towards the Slaughter hit the wreckage of the Carnage and caused it to explode. The Slaughter managed to catch the side of one of the Lunars on its was out of the engagement crippling it. The Imperial vessels responded by hulking the Slaughter. This area was the focus of the battle and all the fleets would converge on it during the later part of the game.

On the far side of the table the poorly positioned Emporer maneuvered its way through Asteriod Fields while sending bomber waves to try and support a lone Dictator being pursued by a Styx, Slaughter, and Devestation. The Dictator was destroyed as it attempted to rejoin the rest of the Imperial Fleet, but delayed the Chaos squadron long enough to allow the rest of the Imperial Fleet to destroy the center squadron of the Traitor fleet.

The last battle of the engagement was focused on the same position as the second engagement. It happened between the 3 intact Imperial vessels in the center, with support from the crippled Lunar and the distant Emperor, and the Chaos squadron with support from the Despoiler and Devestation closing on it. The Mars first engaged the squadron of 3 with its Nova Cannon, crippling the Styx. The rest of the battle became a close range fight between the 3 intact Imperial vessels. The Mars was reduced to a blazing hulked following the Styx being hulked, while the remaining Imperial ships crippled the Slaughter. The Imperial fleet, now divided disengaged from the battle. Most of the ships managed to disengage without further incident, except for a single Lunar which had to go to All Ahead Full through an asteriod belt to get off the table crippling itselt in the attempt.

The below images show about the setup and first 3 turns.

22-05-2006, 02:32
very nice.

22-05-2006, 09:42
Seriously man, what is up with those Imperial ships?

22-05-2006, 10:30
Cheers for another bat rep orangesm!

you're getting me tempted to play BFG again - then again my mate is currently building up an Ork fleet....

22-05-2006, 11:45
Seriously man, what is up with those Imperial ships?

Seconded! They're all on fire!

Goq Gar
22-05-2006, 12:41
I think its a very effective "striking" look to them, Your enemies cant help but look upon those ships and think: "Bugger, those guys are brave enough to paint themselves bright yellow just so we can see them!!! They must have B@ll$ of steel!"

22-05-2006, 15:37
Well the way I figure is that Imperial ships generally end up defending a system, bright points of yellow probably resememble stars more than a black spot, also a good sensor would notice when stars go missing because a few kilometer long ship just got in front of them.

Also at the time my club had an airbrush so I decided to try it out on my old Imperial Fleet. I am starting a new Imperial fleet that is not nearly as flamboyant - a grey fleet, almost like they are right out of the shipyards.