View Full Version : Tyranids or eldar need explain abit

18-02-2013, 18:13

i can't decied between Tyranids and eldar.
Both got Nice models i like walkers and sniper core for eldar
pand nids yea they are nids :D

could get some pro and cons between them ?

18-02-2013, 19:19
Eldar may be being updated this year so perhaps best to hold off there a bit and see if those rumours really take root, they a tougher army to play at the moment but some very good units. Problem is units such as the Jet Bike seer council are both expensive and need converting as there is no offical model. War Walkers are great but Guardians current are pretty shocking, most Eldar players I know are using Forgeworld to make up for what they feel the army lacks. Still some lovely models there and personally, if you really like some of the models get the rules and see if you think you can make an army of it.

Nids are in better shape now than they were in 5th, still not a 'power' army but huge fun to play. Flying tyrants, tervigons, mini critters and a number of things you can do. I play Nids and they were my favourite army to play out of Dark Eldar, Orks and Blood Angels that I also have in 5th and that has continued in 6th. Ok some of their units are utter garbage and genestealers got hit with a big bat in 6th, a general lack of assault grenades hurt but... They just fun fun fun and really, buy nids! (still a relative bargin on ebay btw)

18-02-2013, 19:35
Made up my mind :) nids it will be, found a tervigon kit and swarplord kit in some boxes :D
And idea to put a heavy tervigon. List :D and a the swarplord love the model :D