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Warp Lash
22-05-2006, 11:40
I've just started a slaanesh army (mortal) and am looking for tips/tactics for how to beat the puffy pants off the empire
I don't have a list yet so if there are any "must have units" for this let me know

edit: oh yeah the games will be around 2000 pts

22-05-2006, 12:06
The advantages of the Mark of Slaanesh (immune to psychology) don't really help much against the Empire - except if you're facing steamtanks and/or a lord on a griffon. What you will need against the Empire is the ability to close quickly and shut down their artillery and shooting. That would lead me to suggest mounted daemonettes. They are fragile but you can charge on turn two. Furthermore, if you field them in units of 6 (which is fluffy), failed fear tests from being charged will cause your average unit of 10 handgunners to run for the hills.

In general terms Empire armies don't like being flanked, even moreso than other armies as it neutralises not only their field of fire for shooting but exposes their detachments to undue attention. Mounted Daemonettes are excellent for this as well, being fast cavalry.

The other big plus for Slaanesh is the excellent magic lore - there is not other lore in the game that offers so much tactical flexibility. Actually, shadow is a close second come to think of it, but nevertheless, Slaanesh is a superb lore. It does require subtlety of thought and application and you might want to spend some time considering possible plays before any games but it can be a real game winner.

Chaos Warriors with the MoS are a bit meh, as are their fellows of other marks, Knights on the other hand are a different matter, especially with the Rapturous Standard. With that in place, all but the real elite troops will be hitting them on 5+. Now for the Empire, that means pretty much everyone bar the Captains and Elector Counts. Combined with the heavy armour of the knights and their toughness of 4 you're looking at a very tough unit indeed. It will be a cannon magnet though.

As for the rest of the army, a couple of Marauder blocks and maybe a couple of beastherds - I'd field that in a chaos army of ANY flavour as a solid core - oh, and marauder horsemen. Use them now whilst they still remove rank bonuses!

22-05-2006, 17:09
Have a look at the guide here on Warseer, the first few pages details the varius gods and units, whilst the latter are questions set and answered by players.

Although Pravus kinda nailed the most important points there.
If you'd give us examples of what type of Empire you'll mostly be playing, or if you'd want an allrounder army, we would be much more able to help you.

For Slaanesh!

22-05-2006, 18:21
Furies, don't forget to take some Furies! Fantastic versus war mchines! Hey and you know what? A unit of 8 is only 120 pts! For that you cause Fear you Fly and are Immune to Psychology! Geez can you tell I run them?

22-05-2006, 19:50
Let's not forget the high strength AND Daemonic Ward as well

22-05-2006, 20:10
my empire playing buddy usually runs a couple big units of knights, he backs that up with big units of greatswords and flagellants to use as tarpits to bog you down, then finishes you off with knights. He has around 20 handgunners, some spearmen/swordsmen and a volley gun.

I tend to ignore the swordsmen/spearmen units, they're not very tough, and rarely do much damage against the tougher chaos units (warriors, daemons etc)

I tend to go on an armour busting mission, I usually have a lord or exalted with the great fang, and also an exalted on a steed of slaanesh with the berserker sword and enchanted shield is often capable of taking on units of weak infantry by himself, even if he gets beaten, chances are he'll outrun them anyway.

I take dragon ogres with great weapons, that -4 save modifier is excellent for cracking open heavily armoured knights, and their fear causing, and general all-round hardness will do just as well against most infantry.

Marauders are always handy for slugging it out with other infantry, and mounted marauders are great for flanking and chasing war machines, they can take pistoliers apart, and can also be fed to the missile troops.

Furies are great for killing war machines and general fear causing, if you get lucky and catch a unit on it's own, you can sometimes run them down if they run from a charge, spreading the all-important panic.

plenty of hounds is also key, they can screen you from the worst of the missile fire, and if any survive, they can act as flankers as you only need 3 to remove ranks

slaanesh knights with the rapturous standard will cleave through anything in the empire army (although it's generally a good idea to keep them away from flagellants) but they are cannon magnets, and a huge point sink.

in general for a 2000 point force, I would take:

lord with great fang
exalted on steed with berserker sword
sorcerer with scrolls

20+ marauders with flails
20+ marauders with sheilds + light armour
3-4 units of 6 hounds
2 units of 5/6 mounted marauders with flails
5-8 furies
3 dragon ogres with great weapons
6-8 mounted daemonettes

the furies, daemonettes and mounted marauders can out maneuvre the empire blocks, and draw charges from the knights, as well as take out war machines, marauders with characters can go toe to toe with all the blocks of empire infantry, the hounds provide screening, the dragon ogres are armour busters, as well as being good at drawing fire, should you choose to use them in that way. a few combined charges will see off most empire stuff, and the occasional lucky spell now and then is just gravy!

I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would pick totally different lists to me, (and I'm aware I've probably spent way too many points, it's just a rough guide) but the example I gave is the type of list I'm comfortable playing.

22-05-2006, 20:13
Use puppies to screen your knights for the first round, so they can charge in turns 2 or 3. While the puppies might all die or run, the MoS will keep your units from running. I also agree with the daemonettes on steed and the furies. Run them up as fast as you can to disrupt your opponent's ranks. Also think about taking a Slaaneshi spawn (or 2!). 3d6 movement is a scary thing and it will force the Empire player to focus more attention on them than other units (75 points each is nice too).


22-05-2006, 20:27
The only thing I'd change in that list would be to remove one unit of puppies, one unit of Horsemen and use two Sorcerors at level 2, one with Power or Spell Familliar.

Then, I would drop the Chaos Lord, he's far to exensive for doing stuff your Dragon Ogres could do, instead, take a Beastherd with Full Command, also bring a Beastlord with the Mark of Slaanesh, Chaos Daemonsword. Heavy Armour and Enchanted Shield, this Beastlord does NOT have to be your general, leave that to your Exalted riding the Steed and let the Beastlord go on a killingspree on one flank with his 6 strength 6 ws 10 I9 attacks backed by the CR of his Beastherd and the kills generated by the Gors.

22-05-2006, 20:36
neknoh, good ideas, I generally try to stay away from mixing too much (yeah the dragon ogres are beasts of chaos units, but what they hey, they cost me enough cash, I'm getting my money's worth!) I like to stay all-mortal when I can help it, although I know how great beastmen can be.

personally I'm still strongly against the daemonsword for T4 characters, it only takes a couple of unlucky rolls! I'd use the chaos runesword and gaze of the gods instead, he has 1 less attack, but WS7 is higher than anything the empire can field, so he's still pretty much a monster, but one that wont drop dead in a crucial combat!

22-05-2006, 20:43
yes, true, however, 1 less attack and a LOT less weaponskill and Initiative still means that he won't be able to challenge nastier Lords etc. from other races, I always include that Beastlord setup in my army (although, when I know I'm going to face a Dragon, more often than not, I pick the Hellfire Sword).

He's a very nice allrounder and after the first unit goes down, your opponent will go through hell to take him and his unit down (and he's still cheaper than a naked Lord of Slaanesh).

Some of the units he has munched up so far:

2 Shaggoths
A Greater Daemon of Tzeentch
High Elf Prince on Dragon
Blood Dragon Lord and his unit of Death Knights
Strigoi Lord
a number of Fast Cavalry units
Orc Warboss on Wyvern
4 Empire Swordsmen, 2 Spearmen and 1 Hallberdier detatchment over several games
2 large units of marauders in one game before running into mister Nurgle Lord of Regenerating Challenger Doom (Lord of Nurgle, Crown of Eternal Conquest, Rendingsword, Enchanted Shield, Barded Chaos Steed).

And numerous units of foot soldiers from the varius armies I've faced. Of course, he HAS died horrendously most of the games, but, the damage he caused together with my opponents efforts to deal with him won me those games... except for once when he and his unit ran off the board in the first turn, dragging all my Hound screens with them :mad:

22-05-2006, 20:50
I think I'm more the 'keep everyone alive at all costs' type of person, plus, the longer he stays alive, the longer he gets to massacre the weak!