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21-02-2013, 22:27
Greetings all well after close on 20 years I'm taking the plunge and starting a Deathwing army of my very own. Although my main forces are pretty much 40K 'bad guy' armies (IW/Nids/Orks) I've already got quite 'hefty' BA and SW armies as well as a shared GK army with my son and lots of other 40K armies (even foul Xenos - but dont let my Orks hear you say that:))

I've dabbled with a Termi force in the SW fielding Logan Grimnar and a host of Termi WG. Very effective army but very elite and costly. I'm no stranger to the DA, back when 2nd Ed had become available I purchased Codex:Angels of Death, my regular gaming partner, who has since moved to Oz (g'day Mat), took the green path and I the red path. Always had a hankering for those warrior monks and those secretive and near Chaotic tendencies of the Legion has bought me back full circle (no pun intended) to the Sons of the Lion.

Aim of the army is a bit of fun, I've plenty of armies with multiple units to field various combos dependent on the mission type from armoured might to ravaging hordes and all of my key armies have been expanded to the nth degree and still keep adding units. My IW are about to get a new Warsmith based on the rather new funky WHFB plastic Lord. But I digress, the Deathwing. Aims for the army are a small elite force that can tag on existing armies for Apoc games and play as themselves. With 6th ed i'd purchased the DV set for the lovely minis and was about to sell them as the new DA codex and minis came out, so why sell up when I can use them as the basis for a tidy new elite force? Happening also to have a 'spare' Black Reach set unused meant further additions to the force at no cost and a look through my unmade stack of minis came up with a unmade box of assault termis. So the basis was there just needed some tweaks a few extra sets and a relatively inexpensive army for me to build. The complete force would look like this :

Belial - Go figure but with TH/SS
Termi Interrogator Chaplain - I've the GW on but fancy scratch building one as there are more than enough termi parts in different guises these days.
Termi Librarian - Again as stunning as the GW mini is I've opted to build my own.
DV DW Termi squad - Straight from the sprues
DW Command Squad - Great models simple as ...
DW Termi Squad - From the new plastics again
DW Knights - Cause they are cool
AoBR Termi Squad - With plenty of spares in the Command/DW/Knights sets these are quite easy for DW 'up'
Assault Squad - Again plenty of spares to help DW 'up' these guys to fit right in.
AoBR Dread - Not a fan of the MM/DCCW combo at all, plan running 2 x TL Autocannons on this guy, a number of spare arms (c'mon I'm a BA player you can never have enough Dreads) to serve for other loadouts although I've found the Autocannons very adaptable.
DV Ravenwing squad - Always loved bikes in 40K all my armies run them and with the 6th ed rules they are a quick and cheap way to get teleport homers on the board, I've a few spare bikes I might field 2 x 3 bike teams for this role. Would have loved a scout squad in this roll as its really fluffy but GW went and changed the rules.
Speeders - Been toying with the idea of a couple of Typhoon speeders for fast moving firepower, again I've one spare Speeder I could assign to this.

OK to modelling, purchased Belial, dropped the sword and stombolter ( these will find their way to a squad Sgt or two. Fitted him out with a SS from the DW set and a TH built using the shaft of the Flail from the Knight Sgt.




Paint is as per GW's scheme of Rakarth Flesh base and Rakarth/White top coats working up to white highlights, green are the old Ork Hide base with black and green washes. Reds are Khorne/Mephiston red with Devlan mud and black washes. I do like the purple braiding GW have done on their guys but I though blue and its quite subtle. Even with the slightly upright stance he is a lovely model to paint. Left the base grey currently as I'm undecided what to go with.

Went for a black/green marbling effect on the SS, using a sponge to apply three shades of green to the black base. Then traced grey/white lines in the marble. I'm going to be dullcoting Belial as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer and will gloss the marble bits of the shield to better the effect

More to follow.


21-02-2013, 22:28
OK bit more done, my custom librarian.

Built using the following :

BODY -Old DW Termi legs, new DW Knight torso with tabard, rear armours is from a GK (because of the psyker style psychic hood) I did use the sensor array from the DW back armour across it as it was a bit bare. Cowled head is from the DW Knights too. The DW/GK torso didn't fit overly well and the end result is a bit 'chunky' GS was used to fill the joint gaps. The striding legs also were a bit strange with the torso and I have had to use the multiple scrolls from the standard Termis to fill in a bit of a void at the top of the left leg/waist joint.

ARMS - One is straight from Finecast termi libby, tip of the staff was replaced with a DA icon to dress it up. Other arm is GK arm 'casting' , don't believe in giving Librarian's pistols or the like. This arm has a spare FW Termi Crux Terminatus pad. I've not gone mad on the DA iconography on the Libby, I do like the discrete look.

Do plan to give him a back banner as he looks a bit short to be honest. This will be one of the standard DA ones from the vet sprues.

As the Librarius is listed as a separate entity to the DW I'm not gone for bone armour but with codex Libby blue, I've also coloured the Crux Terminatus green rather than bone. The only allowances I've made to any ties to the DW are the Tabard and red sword icon.

Although I'm not 100% on the torso fit and stance (a mk II version may come along) he'll be my principal Termi Librarian for the moment. Might look at something more GK based with a tabard and force hammer.


Body - Cantor Blue working up through Caledor Sky and Enchanted blue with added white for highlights.
Tabard - Ubashanti bone, Gryphonne Sepia wash and then highlighted with Ubashanti bone/Screaming Skull and white
Red - Mephiston red with Devlan mud and various red highlights.
Gold - Shining gold with Gryphonne Sepia the gold/silver mix to highlight.
Green - Orkhide with Snot green mixed in to highlight up to straight Snot green.

Book pages (and Belial's purity seals) need some text work on them before final varnishing and sealing. Still need to finalise what basing colours/theme I'm going to use

Anyway pics ...






22-02-2013, 04:05
Great stuff! looking forward to seeing the rest! Keep it up!
Until next time, sincerely Gearhart.

23-02-2013, 00:07
Very nice!

27-05-2013, 07:17
Been a few months since I started an things have moved on force is now are 50(ish) termies if differing squads, bought several DV sqauds off Ebay and modified these with multipart plastic bits to change the stances/equipment etc...

Busy building regular squads for the DW force currently but as a bit of a break I've started on my command squad and a few characters. Couple of Termi Interrogator Chaplains, one quite vanilla, one with a Mace Of Redemption, I can see him leading my ThunderHammer unit. I'm also building a Techmarine, even though not a Terminator I've built him based on FW Tartaros armour with a GK/DW torso to represent Artificer armour. He does match the Termi aesthetic of the force and will lead a gun servitor unit.


Still WIP (as are all these models) but I wanted to do something different than the the Termi standig with the two handed Halberd, just looks boring, so taking some inspiration from the FW HH termis, the DA HH era scheme and the Emperors champion I've built my own, complete with beheaded Ork. Again Tartaros based, GK arms and MaxMini.EU shoulderpads, The Eagle icon is actually for the jump pack chaplains croxius, chopped down a DW tabard to fit him to bring in the current DW imagery and there are some green panels to break the black. Tried a new way of doing the black, basecoated the model white, painted two thin coats of erin grey and the washed with nuln oil, leaving each coat to dry before appliyng the next. Give a nice 'near black' effect to the armour rather than traditional black and highlight picks out details nicely. Still got some work to do on detailing, the beheaded Ork and dressing for the base but helps break up the traditional all bone white DW and helps makes the squad stand out. The remainder of the squad will have some customisation to, probably use the robes with a green/black mix to echo the champion and tie in with Belial and the other officers.



Bit hacked off you can't take a Termi Techmarine so I've built one for the force that 'sort-of' ties in with the look



Standard GW Termi chaplain, GS'd a robe hood over the skull helm, the Mace of Redemption is based on the Halberd of Caliban with the head from a Chao Termi power maul, the vets power mauls was way to weedy, this will have purple power weapon vanes (all my DW power weapons are purple). Again still WIP basic colours are on the arms are to be properly affixed and I've some FW DW pads for him. Painted in the same was as the champ although photos don't capture the subtlety of the black wash over dark grey. DA icon an his armour and the winged sword from the SM Commander kit on his chest center. Again highlighting and details to do for him. I'm debating whether to give him the DW cloak (Vanilla Termi IC has one)



Termis are fine but you need some firepower. I had a spare AoBR box which has provided the basis for a DA Dread. Replaced the sarcophagus with a DA one and added purity seals and a FW resin DA icon . He's currently based coated and icons and sarcophagus are painted up, dropped him on a spare resin base I had in my bits box. He'll have twin autocannons (my GK twin TL Autocannon Dread rocks still for long range punch) though I will be magnetising the arms with a missile launcher and possibly an Assault cannon for fire support.


More to come ....